Glee First Looks: Darren Criss! Gwyneth Paltrow!

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After only airing one episode in the past three weeks, Glee returns for the rest of November with a vengeance. Or at least with a pair of major guest stars.

First, Darren Criss debuts this Tuesday as Blaine, a student at a different school who many believe will become Kurt's boyfriend. The actor will only say that his character will serve as a mentor for William McKinley's only openly gay student.

But Kurt appears instantly smitten with him when they first meet, as depicted below. Watch the pair interact and Criss take on a Katy Perry hit now, courtesy of the episode "Never Been Kissed."

[video url="" title="Darren Criss Debut"][/video]

A week later, on November 16, Gwyneth Paltrow will come on board as a substitute teacher. Check out two photos from her guest-starring gig, as first posted by E! News. Looks like someone will be singing in the rain...

Gwyneth on Glee
Special Glee Guest Star

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Glee Quotes

We met right here. I took this man's hand and we ran down that hallway. Those of you who know me know I'm not in the habit of taking the hands of people I've never met before, but I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn't know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever. Which is why it's never really felt like I've been getting to know you. It's always felt like I was remembering you from something. As if in every lifetime that you and I have ever lived we've chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over, for all eternity. And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all I've ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me?


Quinn always was a genius slapper.