House Review: It Might Be Smallpox!

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For the second consecutive episode, House aired a solid episode that was marred by its conclusion.

And both times that conclusion felt like a forced attempt to create tension between House and Cuddy. Can someone please tell the writers it's okay to go a week without any kind of focus on these two as a couple?

Suited Up

For most of "A Pox on our House," we were treated to everything that makes this show stand out from other boring procedurals: 

A fascinating case, a unique way of solving it (with help from an online Dutch sex operator), funny quotes ("Going behind your back works better when you're not facing us.") and another quality showcase for Martha Masters.

What does it say about the rest of House's team that this member is already more interesting than Chase, Taub or Foreman? Let's choose to look at it as a positive for Amber Tamblyn, as opposed to a major negative against everyone else.

So I was absolutely on board with the installment... until the final scene. Cuddy really can't "compartmentalize" her personal relationship with House from the pair's working one? Then these two really shouldn't be dating.

Lying about a patient in order to save a life is a tad different than claiming you were late for a date because you got an email from an ex-girlfriend or something. As Sam correctly pointed out to Wilson, Cuddy and House built a relationship at work partly built on lies, and Cuddy gave House that speech about not wanting him to change in the season premiere. It just seems silly to see her get angry over House acting as he's always acted in his professional capacity.

Or, to put it better: it seems contrived. And unnecessary. What's wrong with simply having a stand-alone episode that deals with an exciting case? Do we really need Huddy drama every week? I say no, let's have these two sit back and be happy for a change. That way, we can simply enjoy it when House dials up his next scantily-clad translator and does what he does best.

A Pox on Our House Review

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House Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Masters: Smallpox was eradicated over 30 years ago.
House: So were hush puppies. Have you checked out your local hipster coffee shop lately?

House: Why aren't you guys in my office?
Dr. Foreman: Why are you in the building? It's eight in the morning.
House: Where's Chase?
Taub: He's not here because it's eight in the morning.