Life Unexpected Review: "Plumber Cracked"

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On last night's episode of Life Unexpected, Eric and Lux took their secret relationship to the next level... just not that level! Then again, they did wind up in a hotel bed after all...

... okay, let's not jump ahead to the ending yet.

Yay for Lux!

"Plumber Cracked" starts off with Lux sneaking to see Eric at Tasha's apartment.

Because Lux and Eric have decided to move forward with their secret relationship, they really don't have many places to rendezvous. Does anyone else sense that this love shack scenario will come back to bite them in the tush?

You can already sense the disdain building up inside Tasha and I couldn't agree more with her. Lux is being very selfish with this whole situation. She has no idea what a big deal Cate's trust and approval is to Tasha. 

I knew something bad would go down when Cate gave Tasha an emergency credit card. Wasn't it pretty predictable that this would end unfortunately?

What I didn't get is why would Lux let Tasha take full blame for it? Couldn't she have stepped in and said it was her idea, too?

I'm torn about this whole secret relationship. I agree with many of you readers that say Eric and Lux are super cute together. But a huge part of me can't get over how wrong the whole student/teacher situation is. I am a big believer in timing and their timing is completely off.

Cate and Ryan's relationship hits a wall when their counselor makes them tell each other truth. They say the truth will set you free, but did Cate really need to know that Ryan still has feelings for his ex? Ouch. I'm going to go with the whole ignorance is bliss on that scenario.

With everything Cate and Ryan have been through, I really do wonder if they are MFEO. A part of me really wants to see them work things out and live happily ever after, while another part of me still wonders if Cate and Baze will ever be.

I find it oddly endearing that Ryan and Baze have grown to be close buds. Baze even lets Ryan crash at his place. I guess Ryan's right, dudes can get over things a lot faster than chicks.

But, I loved how Cate even pointed this out to Ryan as being weird when she said:

Cate: (to Ryan) With whom, who. Yeah, you know. Your NBF. The guy you go camping with, who you drink beers without the whole yap yap. | permalink

Ryan and Baze should hate each other mutually...well, perhaps Ryan should hate Baze a bit more. Nevertheless, it is very odd to me that their becoming NBFs. Maybe it really is just a guy thing?

Emma and Baze's relationship really is forming into something special. Many people have left comments that they don't like her, but I do! Emma is everything that Baze needs in a woman. Plus, she even has her very own dysfunctional teenager for him to relate to.

Until next week's episode, here are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from last night:

Emma: I think I'm falling in love with you.
Baze: I think I am too. With you. Not me. That would be weird. Falling in love with myself. | permalink
Cate: What I asked you is are you 100% completely over her?
Ryan: No. | permalink
Cate: Is it hot in here or is it me. It's me! | permalink
Math: No worries, I have a stain stick. | permalink
Paige: (to Cate) Fine, if you're buying then I'm consuming. | permalink
Paige: Whoa! What about balls? I thought we were going to dinner?
Ryan: Dinner's off. I need to have a break from all the yapping and honesty exercises. | permalink
Baze: I can't Emma and I decided to get tapas.
Jamie: I'm going to pretend for the sake of your manhood you said topless. | permalink

Plumber Cracked Review

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