The Good Wife Review: "On Tap"

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For a show that treats its viewers with such respect, The Good Wife concluded this episode in a disappointing manner.

I was shocked to see Alicia learn of Will's voicemails via federal wiretaps and curious how she'd deal with this new piece of information, but then left with a bitter taste when "On Tap" ended with a cliffhanger that felt more contrived than exciting.

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This incredible drama has succeeded almost too well at pushing the Will/Alicia romance to the back burner. There are just so many interesting storylines going on every week that I don't want too much time dedicated to what's beginning to feel like a high school love triangle.

I was hoping this episode would conclude with Alicia simply walking into Will's office and saying she loved him, too, or at least that there had been a miscommunication.

But having Tammy present, and leading to what I'm sure will just be Alicia making up some question and quickly exiting the room in two weeks (no new episode next Tuesday) feels like a lame way to drag this development out.

Which is surprising because every other aspect of "On Tap" continued what's been an exciting season. There were current references (the double rainbow video, a sly, quick mention of Jenny Sanford) sprinkled in to fascinating developments that make me anxious for what will happen next.

What shady secret about Peter's campaign is Eli hiding? Will Diane truly form her own firm with David Lee? For how many years will Zack be grounded once his mom learns of what he did? Just how far will the show take this Kalinda/Blake feud?

Because The Good Wife lives in a grey area, it wouldn't shock me if Kalinda took extreme measures to rid herself and the firm of Blake. Might Cary then play a role, having to decide whether to prosecute his friend or not? I'm loving the bond these two share. It's one simply been on honesty and professional respect... okay, Cary mind also find her hot.

What did everyone else think of the episode? Is the Will/Alicia romance interesting or almost irrelevant at this point? And, seriously, how much do you hate Becca?!?

On Tap Review

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