The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Many More Werewolves to Come!

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Here's the bad news for Vampire Diaries fans: when the show finally returns with a new episode on December 2, it will only air one more after that before going on hiatus again until 2011.

But here's the very exciting news for Vampire Diaries fans: the series will end the year with a major mid-season cliffhanger. As if we expected anything else, right?

Producer Julie Plec tells Entertainment Weekly that cliffhanger will center around Tyler's transformation, along with the surprise that he "won’t be the only werewolf in Mystic Falls by the time we get into the New Year.”

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On the December 9 episode in question, there will be a full moon and Tyler will go to extreme lengths to ensure his transition is a safe one.

"The old Lockwood cellar exists for a reason, and we’ll be making some very good use out of it for this episode," Plec says, adding: "Tyler’s transformation from human into werewolf, it’s the literal growing pains of a boy becoming a man... seeing how he comes out the other side will define who he is."

Michaela McManus will also debut on this major installment, coming on board as a friend of Mason's named Jules. She arrives in Mystic Falls and reveals that Tyler's uncle never came home.

“She’ll stick around for a little while, and cause all kinds of trouble,” Plec teases.

The producer makes it clear that the vampire/werewolf feud will play a huge role on the second half of season two. While these creatures are mortal enemies, they have something in common: differences between their generations.

Plec says: "When we introduce down the road some werewolves who have been schooled through their family bloodlines for generation upon generation upon generation, they’re gonna have a much darker point of view about the vampires than somebody like Mason and Tyler, who stumbled upon their curse accidentally.”

Finally - because there clearly aren't enough goodies here, right? - look for Tyler and Caroline to develop a "very, very intense relationship."

"They’re gonna go through hell and back with each other," Plec promises. “If and when it turns romantic, is one of those wait-and-see kind of things."

Meanwhile, Caroline's decision to NOT tell Damon she has revealed what she is to Tyler will have serious "repercussions."

Wooo! Is that enough for you to digest over the next few weeks? As always, fellow fans are waiting to discuss it in all in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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