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America’s Next Top Model has been putting a lot of weight on the impending winner of Cycle 15 because, this time, she’s not just a winner of a reality modeling show...  she's the future of the modeling world.  So says Tyra anyway.

But it's true that the prizes at stake are much more serious this season, and perhaps the winner will actually find the sort of success previous champions have not.

Roberto Cavalli on ANTM

With that in mind, the finale seemed more harried and perfunctory than in previous seasons; I thought it had too many components and it was just a giant race to the finish.  Let’s  break it down, shall we?

The Photoshoot
Finally, Chelsey and Ann shoot their future cover for Vogue Italia, and who should greet them but Valentina Serra, who by the way, sounds like she’s mimicking an Italian accent. It sounds so strangely exaggerated. 

The photoshoot is fairly straightforward; it’s natural and classic in a rustic setting.  For such a monumental shoot, it was actually quite anti-climactic; I guess we should just wait to see the actual covers to appreciate the specialness of Vogue Italia.

The Commercial
No ANTM finale would be complete without a Covergirl commercial.  Chelsey and Ann are so lucky that they do not have to memorize lines because that has often been the downfall of many a potential model and their makeup.  Instead, they get to do voiceovers. 

Everyone is happy all around because the commercial goes so much faster and smoother without all the flubbing and random ad-libbing.  Ann is surprisingly chipper and not awkward during the commercial.

A big surprise comes in the form of Ann and Chelsey’s family.  And holy crap does Ann’s brother look just like Ann with short hair. It's eerie.

The Runway
Liz, Chris, Jane and Kayla come back for Roberto Cavalli’s runway show, led by Krista of Cycle 14.  Poor Ann, whose Kryptonite is the runway, is gangly as usual, and while she has improved a lot, does still look like a very pretty, incredibly tall Frankenstein.  At least she waited until after the show to trip on her heels.  I didn’t think Chelsey walked very well, either; in fact, the best walks of the night came from Kayla.

Final Photo Shoot

The Judging
Is it just me, or was the judging more confusing than usual?  Perhaps it was the numerous components, but as the judges all gave their input, it started to become a blur and I lost track of who liked whom.  That was probably meant to confuse the viewers and not clue them in on who would win.

(Sidenote: I find it a bit strange that the judges love Chelsey’s gap teeth somuch, but made such a big deal back in Cycle 6 and made Danielle close hers.) 

Is anyone surprised when Ann wins ANTM?  I think it was to be expected that Ann was crowned the winner since she’s been the clear favorite from the very beginning.  Boy does Tyra know how to milk the dramatics of the LIFE ALTERING event of winning America’s Next Top Model.

The Winner!
Was anyone surprised when Ann was crowned the champion? She was the clear favorite from the very beginning.  Boy, does Tyra know how to milk the dramatics of the LIFE ALTERING event of winning America’s Next Top Model, doesn't she?

Ann says graduating high school was the hardest thing she did. Now, come on, who says models aren’t smart?

Ann’s mother says "I can’t believe how beautiful she looks... she looks like a woman," something her daughter should definitely be proud of. It took winning a reality show to become a "real woman" in her mom's eyes, apparently.

So, TV Fanatic, what did you think of Cycle 15?  Can you compare it to other season? Are you happy Ann won?

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