Brothers & Sisters Review: "Get a Room"

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Brothers & Sisters seems to have no idea what it is anymore.

After the clumsily-handled time jump to begin this season and some forgettable story lines, things were finally starting to pick up steam ... until last night's dubious filler episode.

Don't get us wrong. "Get a Room" had some great comedic moments. The whole cast remains top notch and can sell pretty much anything. But who's writing the show nowadays?

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HIGHS AND LOWS: Brothers & Sisters has given us a bunch this fall.

What made this week's episode so amazing, and not necessarily in a good way, was that it picked up several weeks after we left the Walkers, setting a bunch of new plots in motion.

In spite of that, nothing happened with any of them.

When shows tell, rather than show you what's going on with characters out of nowhere, there had better be a good reason for it. Whether that's true in this case is up for debate.

To sum up, Kevin and Scotty are working toward becoming foster parents again, Nora is falling for Dr. Karl, Kitty is ready to start her lecturing gig at a local college, Luc's going to China for two months to paint a mural, Sarah has taken over the radio station.

Somehow, everyone ended up at the same hotel and shenanigans ensued.

Kitty's been shagging a 27-year-old barista from the coffee shop near campus. They get a hotel room and she sends him out for reinforcements (more food and condoms). Really.

Nora and Dr. Karl hear via one of their own radio promos that the same hotel is having half-price rooms and book one. Why not? Sarah already has, too, for Luc's farewell present.

Kevin got there in a more roundabout way. Nervous about a meeting regarding foster parenthood, dude is overeating. So much that he steals an employee's brownie at Cafe 429.

Which happens to have marijuana in it, of course.

High and paranoid, Scotty takes him to see Sarah, immediately, because she's the only one who can help. It's as ridiculous as it sounds, but Matthew Rhys was hysterical as Kevin.

Sally Field was also terrific throughout the night, but it was Rhys who killed every scene, showing us a different side to Kevin and delivering laugh after serious laugh in the process.

Some of the slapstick - Luc stepping on the broken glass, Nora getting doused in the elevator, Sarah threatening to rough up Karl - was quite funny, yet we didn't want to laugh.

That's because this isn't a half-hour CBS comedy with a laugh track, but a show we've come to expect a lot more from in terms of character and plot development. What's the point?

There was little invested in this episode from the characters' standpoints, with the possible exception of Kevin's meeting and how high he got beforehand. The rest of them? Nada.

When the episode ends, Dr. Karl and Nora make up, Luc leaves for China, Kitty and Seth decide to keep having their fun, and Kevin and Scotty still await the social worker’s visit.

Little or nothing has changed among the plots we never saw introduced.

What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters? Discuss!

Get A Room Review

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