Classic TV Quotes: Family Guy Seasons 1-9!

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Sometimes, running TV Fanatic means you have to do things like watch Heroes. Painful, but it's a living. Fortunately, there are also more enjoyable tasks to balance it out.

Compiling Family Guy quotes over eight-plus seasons? Life could be a lot worse. Our quest to build the Internet's premiere library of lines from the Fox hit is never-ending.

Well, as long as they keep airing new ones, at least. We've got the best lines from every installment to date! Follow the link for 153 episodes' worth of Family Guy quotes!

Go ahead. Waste time. Laugh until your stomach hurts. You know you want to.

Juiced Up Stewie

Our Family Guy quotes library is like anyone else's on steroids ... or something.

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Amanda: You don't know how you made it to the surface?
Nolan: No, but the purple skins do.
Amanda: Purple skins?
Nolan: I'll tell you on the way

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