Veronica: This is a rerelease in stunning 4D.
Cheryl: Don’t you mean 3D?
Veronica: Oh no, 3D is so 1952. This is 4D, Cheryl. A new fourth dimension of terror.
Dilton Doily: Time is the fourth dimension. Do you mean time?
Veronica: Shut up, Dilton.

Veronica: And you, Reginald? Shall I save you a seat beside me? I mean, surely you know what Jimmy Deane used to do in high school, I hope?
Reggie: What’s that?
Veronica: He was a basketball star, Reggie. Just like you.

Dr. Werthers: In what particular way?
Betty: Well, I’m just now realizing that I don’t think I want to get married. At least not any time soon, maybe never. I want to make an impact on the world. Instead of, or in addition to, just having a family.

Betty: How do you see it?
Dr. Werthers: As an academic institution meant to provide a safe environment where students can challenge themselves intellectually without being morally and physically compromised.
Betty: Well, you obviously haven’t spent any time in gym class.

Betty: You now own the Babylonium?
Veronica: The paperwork was finalized this morning.
Betty: Right, and weren’t you the popcorn girl two days ago?
Veronica: What can I say? Veronica Lodge likes to burn rubber.

Reggie: Hey, Reggie Mantle. I just got recruited to the Bulldogs.
Veronica: Ah, I suspected a tall drink of water like you were a sportsman.
Cheryl: Careful, Veronica, you might get a ticket for speeding.

Cheryl: What if you and I went steady?
Toni: You want steady? How would that work? It’s not like you can pin me, or like we can walk down the halls holding hands.
Cheryl: I know, but it can be just for us. Our secret. Only we know.

Frank: I finally convinced our lead sponsor to recruit an outside. A kid who knows how to win games.
Archie: You know me, I’ll any help we can get. Who is the guy? A ringer?
Frank: Just a farm kid out of McCreedy. Six foot three, 220lbs, pure muscle but fast.
Archie: What’s his name?
Frank: Mantle. Reggie “The Blur” Mantle.
Archie: The Blur?
Frank: Because you never see him coming.

Isaac: Nigel…
Nigel: Yes, Isaac?
Isaac: Will you make me the happiest ghost on the entire property?
Nigel: No, I will make you the second happiest. Get up, so I can look my fiancée in the eye.

Sasappis: Now Alberta, you have a choice. You can accept Hetty’s apology, put this matter behind us, house harmony is restored, or we move to the punishment phase.
Alberta: Punishment phase!
Flower: You sure? You can take some time to think about it.
Alberta: Punishment phase! Your girl wants blood.

Kelsey: A little family history, “ta-da” is actually what my mom used to yell when she would take her top off on stage.
Hetty: And I am now realizing what “exotic dancer” means. So nice to have that in the gene pool.

Jay: Ooh, classy move, babe. Can I open it because Isaac can’t use his hands?
Sasappis: I know Jay is offering to help, but it feels like he’s rubbing it in.

TV Quotes Quotes

Inej: Kaz, if not Saints, what do you believe in?
Kaz: Myself.
Inej: Why'd I even ask?
Kaz: And you. And Jesper. My Crows.
Inej: Because we flock to your bidding? Like the animals of vengeance, you named us after?
Kaz: Crows don't just remember the faces of people who wronged them. They also remember those who were kind. They tell each other who to look after and who to watch out for. No Saint ever watched over me. Not like you have.

Hope is dangerous. It clouds your judgment.