So, what do you say? Will you marry me?


Cheryl: Can you teach me what you know? I’ve been walking along this witchy for quite some time, but mostly alone.
Heather: Cheryl, I’d love that.

Gilda: If it is, we will dissipate into the ether. If that happens, there will be no witnesses, and the final battle cannot take place. And there will be no opportunity to defeat the Eldritch evil.
Tabitha: Which is why Percival is so hellbent on destroying Pop’s. This is all starting to make sense.
Cheryl: Is it?!

Ugh, writer’s block. A constant foe in my life. And, I’m running out of ways to procrastinate.


Reggie: Veronica, is that you?
Veronica: Yes, it is, Reginald. Can’t believe you’re here though considering I banished your ass.

Betty: How about the fact that Dad was grooming me to be a murderer just like him! Did you know?
Alice: No! Absolutely not. That didn’t happen, Betty. Where is this coming from? Is this your persecution complex again?
Betty: Oh my God, whatever. I promise you I will get to the truth, Mom.

Veronica: Thank you for risking cocktail hour with the Spider-Woman.
Betty: Of course, Vee, but we’re not in any danger from you. You would have … and aura.

Cheryl: Archie, you do realize you’re playing with forces far beyond your understanding or the natural world? You don’t know where your powers come from, or why palladium specifically weakens you and now the others. Are you certain chasing immunity is worth the risk it imposes on you
Archie: Percival hasn’t left me with many options, Cheryl.

His death, it seems, was sealed with a kiss.

Dr. Curdle Jr

You see, those dark secrets that we all carry in our hearts. I am those secrets, Kevin. And only I can release you from.

Percival Pickens

Percival Pickens: Besides, they’ve served their purpose.
Betty: And what purpose was that?
Percival Pickens: Collateral, Ms. Cooper. What other purpose would I want?

Betty: Do I really have to do this, Cheryl?
Cheryl: I’m afraid so. These objects were in Percival’s possession. Most certainly they’ve been polluted…tainted by some dark enchantments.
Veronica: Cheryl, where’s your trunk?
Cheryl: Oh, I already burned Jason. A second cleansing isn’t necessary.

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You know how you call a guy whose wife died a widower? Or, if your parents die, you're an orphan. You know, there's no word for someone whose kids die. Because it's like the worst thing that can happen.

Bucky's Date

Tabitha: Except, I didn’t do it consciously. It was like a reflex. The bullet hit me and it triggered a time jump. But why to 1944?
Raphael: Maybe you’re needed here for a mission?