Two and a Half Men Review: "Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead"

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It's impressive.  Pretty much nothing happened on last night's episode of Two and a Half Men, yet "Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead" earned its place as one of my favorite episodes in history.

Charlie and Courtney Break Up

The storyline?  Virtually non-existent.  Charlie breaks up with Courtney (Jenny McCarthy), a woman we've learned little about and have barely become attached to because "he no longer wanted to have sex with her."

From there, it was standard Charlie drinking, crashing his nephew's sausage fest and visiting Dr. Freeman (Jane Lynch).  Oh, there it is.  Definitely one of the highlights of the episode was Sue Sylvester taking a break from her Emmy-winning role on Glee to reprise her role on America's favorite sitcom.

Major revelations from therapy?  Not much except Charlie realizing he has no friends at 42 and just kind of accepting Alan as his only buddy.  Even if he will always have to pay for the Pizza.  Or Chinese food.  Or ribs.  At least he'll always have a partner to watch Glee with during that hilarious inside joke.

So with so little action in a show that's normally so over-the-top, what made this so good?  Just really impressive Two and a Half Men dialogue.  In fact, the writing was so good I had to do something I rarely do, but should do more often as a critic: look up the episode's writer.

Of course, it had to be series creator Chuck Lorre.  Pretty much every scene between Charlie and Alan had me laughing out loud.  Charlie's assessment of his life the last two seasons starting with his Chelsea break-up?  Amazing.  The clincher was Lynch's amazing performance.

So in the end, I kind of feel like I've been too kind on Two and a Half Men in my reviews this season.  Other than "The Crazy Bitch Gazette," this is really the first episode of the season that had laugh-out-loud moments the full half hour.  Let's hope Lorre and company can keep it up.

Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead Review

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Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.

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