Off the Map Review: "A Doctor Time Out"

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The third episode of ABC's Off the Map, “A Doctor Time Out,” delved into the personal lives of our new set o favorite Off The Map doctors with satisfying results.

The dynamic between Ben and Lily continued to evolve as Lily’s hero worship crumbled. I was a little surprised Lily was so angry with Ben for lying to Sidney. 

Was he really suppose to tell the panicky women in the middle of her c-section that her husband was dying on the side of the road and there was nothing they could do about it?

A Brief Break

Seems to me he made the right call. With Lily still dealing with her fiance’s death she could only relate to Sidney’s pain and not the bigger picture.

I’m liking Ryan more and more with each episode. She sees the chemistry between Ben and Lily yet never appears openly jealous. I suppose that's because she realizes there's an even bigger obstacle for Ben’s affections.

After telling Lily to go easy on Ben because he lost his own wife and child years ago, we witness Ryan crawl into bed next to a sleeping Ben. When he mumbles the name Abby in his sleep (I’m assuming that’s his wife) Ryan doesn’t move but her face is the picture of sadness.

Tommy stepped it up in this week. He and Ryan made a good team in the field. My favorite part was when he didn’t let Lily push him aside when he knew he needed to speak to a grieving Sidney. The Tommy from episode one may have walked away.

Mina still cracks me up. She is so lost that it would be sad to watch if it weren’t so comical. When she chastised Jorge I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or smack her.

He's been electrocuted, suffers from third degree burns, has an enlarged spleen and may die and her only response to his lamenting not getting the name of his lost love is "Well that was dumb." Seriously? I’m hoping they manage to have Mina become more human without losing her dry, sarcastic wit.

I wanted to see more of Otis and Zee. Does anyone else think that when Otis tells her he’s not the jealous type she’s wishing he were?  Just a little.

This was our third romp through the jungle. So far, what do you think of Off The Map?

A Doctor Time Out Review

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