America's Next Top Model Review: Welcome to Tyra Land!

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It’s a whole new season of America’s Next Top Model, as viewers were taken to Tyra Land last night.

While every cycle’s has some strange Tyra moments, the start to Cycle 16 was almost like a parody of ANTM, with the girls acting as a platform for Banks to perform. By cutting out casting, Tyra got a chance to mock the wannabe models, which was amusing, spot-on and incredibly self-serving.

Best Tyra line: “I’m not a cookie cutter. I cut the cookies. And I will cut you."

Tyra also decided to switch things up by fooling the contestants who were picked and pretending to send them home; it seemed like a good idea in theory, but what about the models who thought they were picked but really were eliminated?  That seems like a pretty traumatizing trick! 

Oh, and Tyra?  Pictures of yourself when you’re 16? Just because it's Cycle 16?!? Let’s try to keep up that facade of being down-to-earth, shall we?

The Challenge
The runway challenge was awesome, featuring the women walking a tiny little ledge on water while encased in... wait for it... a bubble! It was a difficult first challenge for sure, but it had a gorgeous, hazyaeffect, just like the photoshoot, which took place backstage. Nothing too crazy and over-the-top, just beautiful makeup and beachy waves like normal models.    

The Judges Table
I already have a favorite: Jaclyn. Seriously, how adorable is that girl? The judges loved Molly, Brittany, and Alexandria for their bone structures and edgy photos, while Angelia and Dominique didn’t fare as well. Angelia was the first one sent home.

What did everyone else think of this Tyra-fest? Have an early favorite yet?

Cycle 16 Premiere Review

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