EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Stanford Talks Nikita, Flashbacks and More

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We look forward to his character's one-liners every week on Nikita, while viewers are still left in the dark over Birkhoff's past. He's also the snarky computer brainiac who we can only hope will someday team up with Nikita.

We're talking, of course, about Aaron Stanford. The actor sat down with TV Fanatic this week to chat about his Birkhoff, his flashbacks, his favorite quote and more...

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I love Birkhoffs one-liners. Do you have a favorite?
I look forward to reading the scripts to find out what Birkhoff's one-liners are going to be, they’re a lot fun. I think that’s the idea behind the character is to cut through a lot of the solemnity. It’s a show that can be very, very serious and I think the writers didn’t want that to become too overbearing. So they like to have Birkhoff come in there and cut through. “Shadownet taste the rainbow” has to be my favorite. He calls his surveillance system Shadownet, and adds on that little tag line.

How is it to work with Maggie Q?
First off, it’s a really nice relationship between the characters. It’s personable, and it’s a nice friendship inside a really dark and imposing structure. To be buddies within an agency of professional assassins is fun.

On a personal level, she’s a blast to work with. She’s a good time. I wish I had more scenes with her.

Will we get a look into Birkhoff’s past and how he got into Division?
I hope we get a flashback, because I would love to see that. I think they will. They’re getting into it by degrees. They release information very carefully, very expensive little pearls of information. They want to hint at every before they really get into it. I think the audience enjoys a little tease more. All you’ve heard is that Birkhoff used to be an anarchist renegade computer hacker, but they don’t say why. I think it’s pretty plain that something happened with Birkhoff’s hacker alter-ego. He got into some trouble, and obviously had to pay a price for it.

Would Birkhoff ever join forces with Nikita?
Yeah. I think anything’s possible. We’ll have to see where the writers feel like taking that. I feel like there already have been instances where Birkhoff hasn’t quite joined forces, but has looked the other way. It can really go either way with Birkhoff, he’s not 100% evil, but he does act out of self-interest for the most part. If he were to switch sides, it would be a matter of struggling to get over that self-interest.

I spoke with Melinda Clarke and she said that she thought Amanda was personally hurt by Nikita leaving. Do you think Birkhoff’s feelings were hurt as well?
I think Birkhoff misses her. I don’t think he took it as a betrayal. He is one of the Division agents who really is there against his will. He was recruited against his will, so he understands that Nikita was just trying to get free.

Melinda also had a theory that Amanda and Percy were involved. Do you think so?
Ah, I think it’s undeniable. The amount of heated tension between the two of them, that would have to be the case.

Xander Berkeley looks so mean and intimidating. How is he in real life?
He does evil very, very well. He’s done it a lot before this and you couldn’t ask for a better Percy. In real life, he’s a very gentle and very nice guy. He’s very into cooking and oil painting.

Any love interest for Birkhoff in the future?
I hope so. All he’s had so far are cyber relationships with girls in Amsterdam. I hope he gets a living, breathing girl. That would be nice.

What can you tell me about the rest of the season?
You can look forward to delving further into the history of the characters and the history of Division and really starting to piece the puzzle of who these people are and where they come from. If you want people to care about the characters, you have to let them know who they are.

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