Lights Out Review: "Combinations"

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Things got off to a rousing start on "Combinations.”

Patrick finally set up his fight with “El Diablo” and, with a little acting that even had me fooled, the two broke out into a brawl before the real fight had even begun. It made for great entertainment, especially when promoters are trying to hype up the anticipation.

Elsewhere, Patrick jumped into a training mode that included a montage sequence. It’s a classic boxing tool, so why not use it?

Coming Face to Face

But as much as Patrick focuses on training, everyone around him finds someway to pull him every which way.

Pops is extremely focused on getting Patrick back into prime form. It’s interesting to see the increased amount of attention he pays to Patrick, simply because he wants to fight again. Boxing seems to be the only thing Pops truly cares about and it angers him when any distractions get in the way, even something physical like an eye injury.

Of course, Patrick can’t seem to live without diversions and his brother, Johnny, doesn’t make matters any easier.

Johnny wants to do the right thing, but per usual, he ends up causing more harm than good. A boys' night out to blow off some steam ends up leading to Patrick getting into a car accident with a random girl in the passenger seat. Leave it to Johnny to try and cover things up. He needs to relax on his go get ‘em attitude before it ends up leaving someone seriously hurt, or worse, dead.

It was interesting to learn that Johnny may have been a better fighter than Patrick in the past. He even had the chance to go to the Olympics, but somehow he got hurt. I wonder if, at some point in the series, Johnny might try for his own comeback. That would be an exciting turn of events.

As for Theresa, Patrick still cares for her. He may have earned and purchased that house, but he’s the one willing to move out and stay in a dingy motel. When Patrick showed up and attempted to kiss her? Awk-ward.

I’m pleased that Theresa finally spilled why she seems to hold resentment towards her husband’s comeback: she wanted a turn at focusing on her job. Margaret Leary calling out Theresa on holding him back was fantastic. Patrick’s a fighter, and as much as he’s happily fallen into the role of doting husband, boxing is the only way he can successfully support and save his family. He’s been climbing the walls for five years, Theresa. Let him out.

After the conversation, at least Theresa did invite Patrick inside to eat. I'd like to think she wants to reconcile with her husband. However, Patrick believes that focusing on his training and winning the match will bring them back together. As much as Theresa bugs me, I want Patrick to succeed and reunite with a happy family.

When it comes down to it, Patrick is not a quitter. He’s climbing a ladder that appears never ending in the hopes that everyone around him can be content and happy. Patrick is a pretty selfless guy and I like that about his character. Hopefully, it’s not used for someone else’s advantage.

This was a great episode that picked up the pace and drove multiple storylines forward. Almost all of the characters had screen time that were pivotal to their development and left something to be desired. After an episode of this quality, I’m engaged again. Keep it up, Lights Out. I want to see a few more rounds.

Combinations Review

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