The Biggest Loser Review: Welcome, Unknowns!

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Emotions ran high this week on The Biggest Loser, as winners found themselves apologizing for their victories.

The groups got split into two groups of six for their final week at fitness ridge. They would be going to the ranch at the end of the week. Once separated, Cara’s team had a scuffle and a teammate threatened to quit. Jillian showed Hannah that she could workout, at least, even with her previous back injuries.

Push Yourself!

Conversely, Bob’s team remained optimistic during its station circuits. For the first weight-in, results were as follows:

The Green Team came back after spending the week with the Unknowns. They had lost a total of 15 pounds combined, bringing their total weight loss to 101 pounds.

The Blue Team lost 12 pounds combined. The Aqua team lost 13 pounds. The Purple Team lost 8 pounds. The Black Team gained 12 pounds.

Don and Irene admitted to have planned a weight gain in order to save the other contestant. Bob told Don to go home and that the longer he stays the worse it would be. All of the contestants celebrated their one month anniversary at the ridge.

The Unknowns came back and their differences were dramatic. The teams found out they would be fighting for immunity if they could beat their old combined weight loss.

The color teams packed on free weights to the other teams’ scales to disqualify other squads. The second weigh-in results for Bob and Jillian’s players were as follows:

  • Irene: 8 pounds weight loss.
  • Green Team: 14 pound combined weight loss.
  • Purple Team: 11 pound combined weight loss.
  • Aqua Team: 15 pound combined weight loss.
  • Blue Team: 15 pound combined weight loss.

The group won immunity with a total loss of 63 pounds. The weigh-in results for Brett and Cara’s teams:

  • Yellow Team: 33 pound combined loss.
  • Red Team: 24 pound combined loss.
  • Brown Team: 30 pound combined loss.Grey Team: 23 pound combined loss. 
  • Pink Team: 20 pound combined loss.

Week 5 Review

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