Archer Round Table: "Tragical History"

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What! What! This week's Archer was another fun episode of the FX cult hit. Our staff put together a Round Table Q&A discussion of "Tragical History" to discuss it further.

Without further delay, we present this week's Archer Round Table:

What was your favorite Archer quote from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Not really a quote, but Archer taking what he thought was the last bullet in the gun to try to shoot Cyril in the foot as a punishment was the funniest part of the episode to me.

Mark F: "What! What!"

Eric H: Archer: "Take the suits to my tailor and the shoes to my shoemaker." Cyril: "You have a shoemaker?" Archer: "Do you not?"

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How much alcohol before you'll do Pam? Remember, she can now stick four pool balls in her mouth.

Dr. Toboggan: With three pool balls I would say definitely not, but now that she broke her record I say give me six Green Russians and why not.

Mark F: Never. None. There is no amou.... well... how many Everclears did I have that one night?

Eric H: Really, it's a catch-22 for me as well. The amount of alcohol needed to do Pam might not kill me, but it'd render any blue pill useless.

Cyril getting his own storyline/back story: Interesting or as boring as his choice in career?

Dr. Toboggan: As boring as his career choice, a general rule of thumb is any back story that revolves around a regional spelling bee is not going to be comedy gold. I think Pam put it best the only way Cyril could kill anything is if "he disappoints it to death."

Mark F: Interesting. He needed a storyline to show he's actually useless because he was starting to get smug thinking he was able to get Lana instead of her trying to get back at Archer and he was talking down to Archer about the Hooker baby.

Eric H: Any character voiced by the same man that brings us Dr. Spaceman on 30 Rock deserves as many storylines as he wants. That said, less spelling bees, more sexy ninjas going forward.

George Spelvin. Coolest villain yet? If not, name your favorite.

Dr. Toboggan: Not the coolest. Who was that rich fat guy who sat on a boat surrounded by women and almost banged Lana in season 1? I feel like he had things pretty well figured out.

Mark F: Coolest. He has a sweet place, the girls, money, and of course he could pass as a good guy. The fat guy on the boat was cool but in the end he is still fat.

Eric H: Coolest. How many sexy ninjas and Japanese soaking tubs did Skorpio have? Plus Spelvin had a far wittier character name and was smart enough to know when to walk away. Not sold? The guy invented the Pirate worm! What what!

Are ninjas sexy?

Dr. Toboggan: Yes and like Archer I think they were really starting to warm up to him in the end.

Mark F: Those ninjas with next to no clothes and a Halle Berry look. Yes absolutely ninjas like that are sexy.

Eric H: Who am I? Sterling Archer? Those girls would kill me on sight.

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Archer Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Archer: Pam, wait up! Get me drunk enough and i might have sex with you
Pam: Really?
Archer: No. It's a catch-22. The amount of alcohol I would need would literally kill me. But I do want to see how many pool balls you can stick in your mouth.
Pam: My record's three.

What! Whaaaat!