Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Review: "One Shot Kill"

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This week’s episode, "One Shot Kill," featured former military sniper Mick Rawson and the team against a sniper who wants to prove he is better he is than Mick.

Okay, this was clearly a “Mick” episode. We learned more about Mick and his place on the team this week than all the previous weeks combined, including the pilot.

Actually, we didn’t really learn that much; we learned he was an ex-sniper, he is a bit lose with his dating life, and that he hates sparing Cooper when he is hung over.

Red Cell Team

We really could have used a bit more. They could have slipped in why he was in the service, or why he left. Why was he in the US armed services given his accent?

There was more they could have offered. This does give me hope that we will get a “Gina” episode or a “Beth” episode in the coming weeks. I have not forgotten that Beth (Janeane Garofalo) basically appeared out of thin air with us having no idea why she joined the team. 

I am really happy that a lot of the team member’s names were used this week (Mick more than any other), and I was easily able to remember them all by the end of the first part of the show.

Well done CBS, good to see you're learning from your previous mistakes.

However, that being said, was anyone else really tired of seeing a sniper rifle assembled? Between Jason the sniper doing it at least four times and Mick doing it once at the end I felt like *I* could put together a sniper rifle in under 60 seconds by the time the episode ended.

Clearly the writers of this episode are not familiar with the “rule of thee” trope. 

The overall story was decent, no big surprises really, the team have gotten into a nice rhythm of profiling the behavior of the suspect; thus, living up to the title of the show (as it should be). The producers have gotten into a decent habit of showing a bit of their life when not on a case. I would love for there to be more of this and maybe we will get a “down time” episode sometime soon.

What did you think of this installment? Does it feel like the show is coming together?

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One Shot Kill Review

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This sniper versus sniper is not working, he is winning.