Enrique Murciano Cast as Ray on NCIS

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We now have a face to go with the name. Enrique Murciano of Without a Trace fame is joining the cast of NCIS for multiple episodes as Ziva's boyfriend Ray.

He's been in her life all season, but we've yet to meet the man. That will change when CIA agent Ray Cruz makes his debut on the CBS smash in Episode 20.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg calls Murciano a “fun, smart, exciting addition” to the NCIS cast, adding “We can’t wait to watch Enrique [Ray] to life.”


The million-dollar question: How will Tony react to Ray's arrival?

“I think it’s going to be interesting,” Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony and makes his directorial debut this evening, tells TV Line. “Tony cares a lot about Ziva and wants to make sure she’s not mixed up with the wrong guy, so he’s going to be watchful and protective.”

Thoughts on the casting of Ray? What do you think brings him to town? Think he's part of a bigger story arc for Ziva? Share your theories and comments below.

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