Shameless Review: "Daddyz Girl"

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Frank Gallagher isn't afraid of many things... except his worker's compensation running out.

In "Daddyz Girl," we learned just how far Frank would go on his quest to be an unemployed alcoholic. In the fashion of a true role model, he took Debbie and Carl along for the ride.

While things like multiple broken bones were out of the picture, huffing formaldehyde and searing flesh were not. But, once again, Frank's reckless actions snowballed into hurting other people indirectly. After Frank power drilled a nail into his hand, he arrived home ready to throw back a cold beer with a side of Oxy. Too bad he didn't know he was walking into the lion's den of Karen's epic meltdown.

Frank in a Tie

Frank's done a lot of bad things, but something tells me his recent foray into the world of pedophilia, is going to leave a bigger impact than usual.

Where the Hell is Sheila anyway?!? Did she leave the house for the first time in years and decide to never come back? Karen has absolutely LOST IT. Sure, teenage girls get upset, skip school, trash rooms, maybe get a piercing or tattoo - but her revenge website and videotaping herself fornicating with a man triple her age was a bit much.

Tony's stalker style is also out of hand. Goodbye Stage 5 clinger, we've now moved up to a Stage 10. Yes, Steve is a car thief, but beating the crap out of him and running him out of town will only hurt the one person Tony really cares about, Fiona. He thinks of it as Steve leaving and Tony being the sturdy shoulder to cry on, but it's really just destructive. And now he's royally pissed off his love by accidentally arresting her brothers.

Amy Smart's appearance was a welcome breath of fresh air in what was ultimately a destructive episode. I guess the whole lesbian vibe I got wasn't so off base. If Fiona thought she was hitting on her, why would she strip naked in front of her? Unimportant, but I hope her intriguing character sticks around. I also hope to see more of Ian's biological father. Even though Ian bailed, you could tell his father was affected by meeting him.

This truly emotional episode did have a few bright spots. Grammy Gallagher was phenomenal. She needs to make more appearances. Also, hats off to William H. Macy for his cameo as his own brother. Shameless never fails to round out the cast with a few interesting guest stars.

Daddyz Girl Review

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Snob Mob: It must be nice not to own a house and have to worry about this stuff.
Fiona: Yeah, it gives me more time to buy drugs and fence stolen goods.

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