13 Terrifying TV Shows

13 Terrifying TV Shows

What have been the 13 most terrifying TV shows of the last 25 years? For a while, there were so many it was hard to tell. Well, we answer that question here.
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The Great Canceled at Hulu

The Great Canceled at Hulu

Hulu has canceled The Great after three seasons, and we won't be getting a conclusive ending. Get the details on the shocking announcement right here.
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Hulu Quotes

Nico: I was actually scared of that Staff.
Karolina: Maybe your darkness is you. Your power. Like, how my light is for me.

Victor: It’s your future.
[The wall opens to reveal Command Central]
Victor: Everything we’ve built is for the next generation. For you.
Janet: It’s your birthright.
Chase: I told you, I don’t want anything to do with PRIDE.
Catherine: It’s true, we have done many things that we’re not proud of.
Robert: Under duress from Jonah.
Tina: And nothing we say or do will bring those kids back.
Stacey: We’ve all done a lot wrong, but we did one thing right: you kids.
Dale: Well, and a genetically engineered dieinonychus, just to say it.
Catherine: You can use PRIDE’s resources to make up for what we have done.
Geoffrey: Think of it. With all this money, tech, power, you could change the world.
Chase: And I’m supposed to believe that, what, you’re all just gonna walk away from this?