Archer Round Table: "Jeu Monegasque"

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Gambling, Grand Prix, and snorkeling whores.  This week's Archer really took advantage of all there was to see and do in Monaco.  So naturally there was plenty for our panelists to discuss from "Jeu Monegasque."

So go ahead, grab your Benoit balls and take and sit and read our latest Q&A:

What was your favorite Archer quote from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Gillette: "I'll clean him up and try to get some coffee in him." Malory: "Make sure that's all you put in him."  I respect Malory so much because even when people are trying to help out she never thanks them or shows them any respect and I guess that's why she is such a good leader.

Mark F: Malory: "And I thought you knew how to drink? Then what good are you?" Who hasn't said that to a friend whether or not he claimed he could drink... although I've never said it to a ten year old dressed as Charlie Chaplin. But seriously, who throws up from drinking on Halloween? Too much candy of course, but drinking?

Eric H: "Gummi bears all around!"

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Who rocked the Chanel suit better, Malory or Gillette?

Dr. Toboggan: Gillette, if for no other reason than the crotch rubbing and mustache.

Mark F: Evelyn Harper from Two and a Half Men. Maybe I'm just having withdrawal from no more Two and a Half Men episodes which seemed to become a launching pad for many new Hollywood boobtastic starlets, but I am starting to notice some similarities between Archer and Two and a Half Men.

Eric H: Trick question guys cause there was clearly only right answer.  And that right answer was definitely wearing a 'stache.


Dr. Toboggan: Balls..  But seriously, didn't love this guy and who only fetches one whore when Archer clearly asked for a second and some swan towels.

Mark F: Umm... am I allowed to make a stereotypical French joke? But in all seriousness he found a hooker that can hold her breath underwater in a jacuzzi for a solid 4 minutes. Maybe those type of girls are all over Monaco but I have yet to ever even hear about one here in the U.S. So kudos to Benoit on that find. Otherwise, he was fairly annoying. Because how hard is it to fold a damn towel?.... Also, scheduling trip for Monaco now.

Eric H: Balls.  Terrible villain.  But hilarious nickname when you realize what Benoit/Ben Wa Balls are.

Car chase action sequence.  Fan.

Dr. Toboggan: Eh, like Eric said in the review, I watch the show for the one liners and alcohol abuse.  The show is at it's best when I forget it's a spy show.  It was also disappointing that Gillette's carburetor thingy broke just as the chase was getting good.

Mark F: Eh, wasn't the biggest fan of the same sequence in Iron Man 2 so I guess I am not the biggest fan of it in this episode. But it did allow them to maintain Archer's running joke of always having a boner when piloting some ridiculously high powered vehicle which will undoubtedly result in endangering others. And I'm surprised Lana was impressed by Archer's actions because he always jumps from moving vehicles to save the day... It's called Situational Awareness.. I still don't think Lana has heard of it. 

Eric H: Eh, as I said in my review, it was the best action animation / action sequence this show's gonna give us.  But really, it needs to stick to the humor. 

What did you think of the episode?

Dr. Toboggan: It was good enough.  The last three have been so good I was due for a letdown.  Also, as someone who lists gambling very high on my list of vices they could have played that up a little bit more and Archer definitely could have done more at the table besides order gummy bears.  And let's not overlook the reveal that Archer has never actually been drunk which made me laugh especially after Mallory had just referred to his left arm as his drinking arm.

Mark F: Well considering I have accused the episode of ripping off two other shows I don't think I was the biggest fan of it. But like Dr. T said, after three great episodes you almost had to expect a let down. It's not easy being funny with new material every week especially when you have to follow up making fun of cancer... Although it seems when that question was asked at FX the answer was "Survey SAYS! - Make some French jokes.

Eric H: Not the finest episode in the show's history, but that doesn't mean I wasn't entertained.  Plus, just showing Archer's Dickie / Seamus tattoos was enough to make up for the rest of the episode.

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Archer Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Lana: You turned archer loose with four million dollars in a casino?
Archer: Oh, don't worry. He may be vain, selfish liar and quite possibly alcoholic man whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn't have.
Malory: Guess he's too busy doing all those other awesome stuff. Thanks, mother.

Malory: I am not sharing a room with you.
Gillette: No, I'm sharing it with you and it's the last room in the hotel. Mo view but it's got two queens.
Malory: Where's the other one, greasing up in the bathroom?