Grey's Anatomy Review: The Musical Episode

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The first scene of tonight's episode showed Callie and Arizona post-car crash. Callie was severely injured, but she managed to mention “music.”

Thus began the first musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy: "Song Beneath The Song." Overall, the concept worked since music really has always played a big part in the show. Some songs were more appropriate and/or better performed than others, though.

Callie first sang “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol from outside her injured body. Her rendition was amazing. Owen and Bailey also sang portions of the song and were impressive as well.  In a touching moment, Bailey grabbed Callie’s hand at the operating table. 

And This is How They Operate

Lexie sang “Breathe (2 A.M.)” by Anna Nalick after telling Callie to ... just breathe.

The performance was great and overlapped with Lexie comforting Mark and telling him she did not hate him. For a moment, it appeared that she might return to him.

At the end of the episode, however, she made her choice and went home with Jackson. 

Because Lucy felt uncomfortable dealing with Callie and the baby, Addison Montgomery flew in to help. Although she had not made an appearance on the show in a while, it was not a huge surprise that she came to Callie’s aid given their relationship.

Interestingly, Mark was more concerned about Callie, while Arizona seemed more concerned about saving the baby. This was a switch from their earlier positions.

Arizona explained, however, that she loved Callie and that Callie could not live without the baby. She seemed to understand Callie better than ever this episode. 

One of the stranger moments in the episode involved a flashback to the car scene pre-crash. In this alternate reality, Arizona told Callie to pick up the phone this time when Mark called. Callie knew that Arizona was going to ask her to marry her and realized that she did want to say yes. Callie sang “Running on Sunshine” by Jesus Jackson along with several other members of the cast.

During the song, Bailey and Eli danced, Owen and Cristina hooked up, Teddy and Henry flirted, Alex and Lucy danced half naked, Lexie rubbed Mark’s back, and Derek and Meredith cuddled. This was kind of a strange scene, but somehow sweet at the same time as it focused on all of the different couples at once. 

That Car is So Fake

Cristina presented to Teddy and Owen how they could save both Callie and the baby. Teddy refused to consider Cristina’s recommendation. Owen sided with Teddy over Cristina initially but changed his mind during the actual surgery when Cristina’s plan seemed superior.

Teddy told Cristina at the end of the episode that she could not teach someone who was unwilling to learn. Did you think that Teddy’s reaction was irrational? 

Callie’s singing of “Grace” by Kate Havnevik as she was wheeled into the OR was very well-placed, and the song was beautiful. During the song, there was an image of all of the doctors simultaneously scrubbing in that made a simple medical task seem poetic.

During surgery, the whole cast sang “How to Save a Life” by the Fray while operating. The song seemed perfect for the particular scene, although it was a little weird that the doctors were singing from behind their masks. 

This Is How They Do It

Mark and Arizona ran into the OR after the baby was delivered. Mark gave Arizona a look inviting her to help save the baby, and they reached an implicit understanding that they could both be in the baby’s life.

This was definitely one of the most powerful moments of the episode. They later had a conversation where Mark said that he was the baby’s dad, but Arizona was the baby’s mom. Ultimately, the baby and Callie survived. 

Meredith freaked out to Derek about how the universe is screwed up and how she was jealous of Callie for getting pregnant. Derek promised Meredith a baby “one way or another.”

What do you think this will end up meaning? In any case, it was good to see a classic elevator scene with Meredith and Derek. 

While Arizona talked to Callie about her baby, Callie began to sing “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. The song was sung very powerfully, and the recovering version of Callie woke up and accepted Arizona’s proposal. Do you think there will be a wedding before the end of the season? 

Overall, the episode was well done in that in it used classic Grey’s Anatomy music in very dramatic circumstances. Everyone managed his or her fear and panic through song, just like Callie would have wanted.

The concept also worked in part because it was so new to the show. The format would probably not have the same effect if used in future episodes. What did you think? 

Song Beneath The Song Review

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