The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Mirrors"

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Just as it seems Ricky and Amy are headed down a good path together, a huge wrench get thrown their way. At the end of last week's episode, Ricky's mother Nora got out of jail and showed up at his door.

In "Mirrors" we see just how much her presence really affects Ricky and what kind of stress it's bound to bring to everyone around him.

In just the first few minutes of the episode we see how much Ricky has matured and how his priorities have shifted.

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With his birth mother out of jail, he immediately sought the help of a lawyer to make sure he wouldn't risk his custody arrangement with Amy.

As much as Ricky may have made peace with his birth mother, he has evolved beyond that part of his life and John is now his focus.

I found it touching when he went to talk to his adoptive parents and told them they were his real mom and dad since they raised him.

In a show that's all about growing pains, it's important to show that the most important family you have isn't always the one you're born to, but rather the one whose support surrounds you.

Speaking of Ricky's birth mother Nora, hello can we say creepy? Amy doesn't look that much like you. Why don't you tell her one more time that she looks like her boyfriend's mother?

She even had Amy believing it towards the end. Sometimes I wish Amy was just a little bit wiser. She's been through so much, can't she see when there are people she shouldn't be around?

I laughed when Ricky asked her if she was trying to create a scenario in which he didn't want to have sex with her. No Oedipus complex here!

Despite Nora's awkward and inappropriate commentary, she wasn't the biggest creep of the episode! That would Madison's "20 year old" boss Stanley.

I put "20 year old" in quotes because there's NO WAY that dude was 20. Thank you Madison's father for noticing that and promptly kicking his pedophile ass to the curb. It's scary how naive Madison is. I fear that she's one of those girls who can get sweet talked into dangerous situations.

Grace could be facing a dangerous situation herself if she doesn't get tested for an STD soon. Haven't these kids heard of condoms? Oh right, I momentarily forgot which show I was watching. It was sweet of Grant to stand by her despite the fact she might be a "disease carrying skank" as she put it.

Lots of touching moments throughout the episode. Whether it was Ben asking Adrian to move in with him or Jack trying to comfort Grace, the bonds between these teenagers seemed more about the emotional than just the physical for once.

I will say however, that while Ben seems to have good intentions, he and Adrian really need to stop trying to compete with Ricky and Amy and focus on their own impending newborn.

Mirrors Review

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