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I miss the days when America's Next Top Model had three girls who went to the finale to battle it out for the title. This week's episode, "Ivan Bart," felt a bit obligatory and predictable for the penultimate installment.

From Tyra's photoshoot that everyone must endure to the sexy photoshoot with Nigel Barker and sexy male models, it almost felt like a filler for the finale.

But then again, it might have been worth it just to see Tyra try to teach the girls to dance on their roof. Let's break it down ...

At a Photoshoot

The Challenge:

The challenge for this week is surprisingly difficult. Not only are the girls on the spot with their 90-second interview, but they must do a "live shot."

The models are asked to do real research (gasp!) regarding fashion and beauty trends in Morocco. It's mostly a train wreck; the interviewees are instructed to only answer with a "yes" and the girls are clearly nervous talking about kohl, henna, and argan oil, beauty products popular in Morocco.

Surprisingly, angry Molly does the best and appears the most professional while Brittani mumbles and Hannah displays false confidence since she studied journalism. Miss Jay is clearly not impressed but crowns Molly as the winner.

Tyra Time:

It's time for the obligatory Tyra Time where she actually talks to the girls about "real issues" and their life problems. It's one of those times that Tyra lets down her guard and stops being scary judge Tyra; it might benefit the girls more if she came around more often, though. Just a suggestion, Tyra!

After she hugs it out with her three almost-finalists, she stages her impromptu photoshoot because she's such a gifted photographer (thank goodness she dropped the awful vignette idea from last cycle!). Her suggestions about isolations and nuanced photography leads to a strange dance lesson on their rooftop patio.

It's truly strange: there's a Moroccan band set up and they all wear traditional Moroccan hats as Tyra attempts to teach them a Moroccan dance. The scene fades as they dance and laugh...

The Photoshoot:

So far, all the shoots in Morocco have been gorgeous! Not only do they get to wear lovely Moroccan couture, but also pose in some beautiful exotic locales. It's no different this time. The girls wear traditional Moroccan wedding gowns, which are stunning and opulent, while posing on a sandy beach with a hunky male model. The icing on the cake? They're being shot by Barker.

The shoot is a bit rocky; the girls are so desperate to please Miss Jay and Nigel that they go out of their way to pose around their male models. Brittani is so nervous that she cries for the second time during a photoshoot which Jay loves...again. Meanwhile, Hannah and Molly are both quite aggressive with the models; they're not quite portraying loving brides. On the other hand, everyone looks fierce in their traditional Moroccan garb.

Judges' Table:

It's a tense judge's table this time around. The shots do turn out incredible, so much so, that Tyra's basing the judging on two shots per girl. Brittani, Molly, and Hannah look so exotic and sensual on the beach but someone must go home. 

Again, the judges are mostly mixed in their critique; they rave the most about Molly and her elegant shots. I must say the first shot where Molly extends her foot is exquisite and delicate. I'm also partial to Brittani, if only because she looks so amazing in her gown.

Molly has her third first call-out, putting Brittani and Hannah in the bottom. I'm not surprised that Hannah is sent home even though I really liked her sweet disposition. Brittani has been consistently amazing during the competition. Here's to hoping that she'll knock angry Molly off to be America's Next Top Model 16 next week!

What did you think about this episode of America's Next Top Model? Do you agree with the final two girls selected? Discuss below ...

Ivan Bart Review

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