Glee Review: "Funeral"

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I don't think anyone could have dreamed up a more touching and emotional episode than we got tonight with the "Funeral". Go ahead and try. Hold your breath, make a wish and count to three, I'll still be drying my eyes over here. 

The real Sue Sylvester was back. Reminiscent of Sawyer from LOST, Sue showed once again how she can endear herself to fans all while spitting insults and calling people names. My favorites were Frenkenteen and Lady Trousers.

She delivered the entire emotional spectrum in one episode. She could very well be a winner again come awards season for this episode alone. I can't imagine there were many a dry eye when she and Becky shared that touching embrace in her office.

When Finn held up the Wonka tape I hoped that was where the service was going, but the eventual execution was beyond my wildest imagination indeed. As Kurt began to sing I felt chills. The song coupled with Sue's eulogy made for one of the more touching moments on television to date.

Sadly Kurt didn't move me as much during his solo try out. He came off flat after so many bigger performances in recent weeks and I couldn't get over the Conan O'Brien hair.

Santana's voice did Winehouse justice, but there was something missing. I don't mean to poke fun at Amy, but Santana just came off as too sober? She did have a few gem quotes though yet again, and showed her Lima Heights fury once more when Jesse offered up his opinions on her try out.

Mercedes and Rachel went at it like Apollo Creed and Rocky giving it all they had. There was no try a little tenderness, only done did that, in Mercedes' solo as she nailed it. The tears slowly rolling down Rachel's cheek as she sang and envisioned Finn was all the choreography she needed. Kurt nailed it when he said how she may be annoying, but man can she sing. 

I haven't been the biggest fan of Jesse, but man did he have a great episode. While the Glee Club was forced to remain somber for most of the way, he provided a much needed lift with his humorous lines about reality TV judging as well as his no hold barred critiques at the try outs. His line about Finn looking like a zombie who has to poop when he sings and dances was the best. 

Great camera work with all the tight shots of Quinn and Finn's faces during the break up scene. Quinn plays a mean bitch well, but she has also showed some nice range this season and this was yet another solid exchange for her. 

Speaking of hot bitches, Terri looked great and I was happy to see her come to the rescue despite the computer hacking "skills" of Panda Express. Weird though how she told Will she'd see him around. Was that a bit of foreshadowing? Do we also really think she got those tickets for free or is there more to that story as well?

Emma was adorable as she helped Will pack and I loved how she wore his sweater vest with such pride. It was a sort of nerdy Glee Club version of a school girl wearing her boyfriend's varsity letterman jacket.

Rachel may get to wear Finn's again at some point, but will it be this season? Perhaps a big kiss in times square awaits them in the finale.  What is Quinn planing for NYC and how will the club take the news about Will's stint on Broadway? We will have to wait and see. 

Funeral Review

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