Glee Review: "Prom Queen"

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God save the Queen. Queen Kurt, of course.

Best prom ever? The votes are still being tallied, but I thought it definitely should be ranked as one of the best high school dance episodes in television history. "Prom Queen" was right up there with the Spring Dance in season one of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brenda lost her virginity, and the prom in season two of Saved by the Bell where Kelly's dad lost his job.

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Sue was back and wearing Spanx. Who knew? Loved how she told "Butt Chin" that the club should apologize to America for their rendition of "Run Joey Run." Great way for the writers to poke fun at themselves and address their critics at the same time.

Jesse totally outshined Rachel on "Rolling in the Deep," but it was a great scene either way. I'm not so sure how psyched I am to have him back on the show, however. He's nothing but trouble, as we saw in the scenes for next week's episode.  

Did anyone else find it hard to believe it took that many shoves before Finn took a swing at him? 

A brief but good scene with Burt and the boys before the big night. His line about how he wanted Kurt to be himself but practical at the same time was well meant. Finn's line about Kurt's suit looking like gay Braveheart was epic. 

Karofsky's apology was as amazing as Quinn's dress. It was very touching how he was adamant about Kurt waiting for him after class so he could protect him. 

I thought the music at prom was second to none. As was the face Santana made when she saw another girl wearing the same dress as her. What was with the guy wearing the Bluetooth in his ear, though? 

My heart sank when I realized Kurt's nomination wasn't done in good spirits, but when Blaine asked him to dance after Karofsky bailed, my fists went up in triumph. Full chills. 

There were a ton of memorable quotes on this night to remember, but the king's crown had to go to Puck for "Torah Torah Torah, it's go time!" As for Queen of the Quotes, I thought Santana had a number of contenders but the one about bailing in New York to live in a lesbian colony - or Tribeca - clinched it. 

Only two episodes left this season. I can't believe it. 

Prom Queen Review

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