Hellcats Review: "Warped Sister"

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So it looks like Hellcats has finally found its footing.

After a season’s best episode last week, the rookie series returned with "Warped Sister”, an overflowing hour of new secrets, hook-ups and even an arrest. Time to dig in.

AJ Michalka on Hellcats

The New Love Triangle - Well who didn’t see this coming? With Emily returning to Lancer, Red & Vanessa knew they were in for some trouble. Now on top of the football program issues, Red is dealing with an ex who isn’t over him. Derrick’s exit made it so easy for the rekindled couple that throwing another person in the mix can only make for some fun.

Nasty Kathy - Gotta admit, Lewis and NK make a pretty good fit. I couldn’t help but feel terrible after the backstory on her childhood. Looks like Savannah wasn’t always “positive outcomes only.” CW shows are not known for their continuity, and this was a perfect example of why. Lewis & Kathy connect a few episodes back, he then flirts with Alice, and then all of a sudden Kathy is playing video games in the Hellcats dorm? The transition to get here wasn’t the smoothest, but it got the job done.

Daddy Issues - Pulling Savannah’s scholarship was a twist I didn’t see coming, and neither was finding out her father is a crook. This might be the thing to knock Mrs. Monroe off of her high horse. Marti and her half sister spent some time together, which of course, resulted in some singing. I’m on board for the new mini family of the girls + Wanda, so here is hoping Deidre sticks around for a bit.

Saving The Best For Last - Hellcats did it again; a pretty good hour that saved the perfect scene for last. Who else was thrown when Marti and Julian had acted like nothing happened between them? I was ready to get pissed that they teased this hot new couple to only forget about it the next week, but it pulled through at the end. There is no comparison to this couple’s chemistry from any of the other current relationships on the show. Only thing that could make this better? Not waiting until 9:58 to to see it.

Some after thoughts ...

  • The real life sisters put on a pretty good rendition of “Mississippi” by Bob Dylan.
  • Anyone else think Dan gets hotter each episode? 
  • There are only two episodes left of the season. Any guesses on what is to come for our favorite cheerleaders?

Sound off below on “Warped Sister” and your guesses for the seasons end.

Warped Sister Review

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