The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Round II"

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"Round II" was the perfect title for this week's episode, considering the fight from last week was definitely not over. Some things simply cannot be unsaid and that's the way Amy and Adrian felt. The fight had also escalated to the point of affecting significant others and family members.

So, how were things going to get taken care of? Was everything going to be tied up in a little bow at the end of the hour? Aside from the newly formed alliance of Ricky and George, the episode kicked off with a lot of tension and she said/he said. I was prepared for another week of mindless arguing, but that all changed with Amy and Adrian's confrontation in the hallway at school.

Round II Scene

In all of the seasons of Secret Life, I have never seen a better performance from Shailene Woodley and, especially, from Francia Raisa. The most intense fights are the ones when everything gets put on the table. Between Amy's mounting frustration and Adrian's hormonal sensitivity, there was no way anything was going to be left unsaid.

Amy went into a tailspin about how everyone has their own issues and how hard it really is to be a teenage mother. Adrian worked off of this and talked about how she knew the struggles of teen motherhood because her mother had had her in high school. The affects of her mother's struggle imprinted onto Adrian a feeling of worthlessness.

The best part of the fight was actually when Amy addressed all of the bystanders who Ricky had slept with and told them that he loved her and not them. Finally, girl found a little gumption! But like Ben said, Ricky is the guy all the girls want and Amy got him, so why is she feeling competitive? Everyone apologized for the things they said and for hurting each other.

Uncle Junior graced us with his presence yet again in a scene where he helped Grace make up with Grant. Even Ashley was a little jovial after unloading some of her problems. Speaking of Ashley, it's clear she needs some therapy and therapy is very prominent in today's younger generations. Why not show that aspect of Secret Life? You know, something besides the endless dropping of the word sex.

It was good to finally see the air cleared and the ending was very sweet. Adrian made friends in places she never even realized. It just shows how random acts of kindness can go a long way. However, I have a feeling things won't be smooth sailing for long with a two-hour wedding event next week!

Round II Review

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