The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Spoilers: Character-Driven, With a Different Kind of Cliffhanger!

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In a recent interview, Nina Dobrev teased The Vampire Diaries Season 2 finale, promising it will be worthy of the hype, but in a different way than you might expect.

“The finale is like an homage to the characters," the actress tells EW. "It’s character-driven and about what’s happened to them and how they deal with everything."

"Don’t get me wrong: Of course, there’s gonna be a cliffhanger. The show’s not gonna end on a subtle note. We’re still gonna end in a way that people need and have to come back to find out what happens next season, but in a different kind of way.”

Nina Dobrev as Elena

As Damon fights the werewolf bite, all will not be as it seems, Dobrev hints:

“We go into flashbacks and into hallucinations. You won’t really know which is which until you’re intended to know that. There’s a lot of really cool visual tricks that happen. That’s why it’s a very confusing, very interesting episode that makes you think.”

As for who will save Damon and how, that we'll have to tune in to find out.

“It’s a very, very interesting turn of events," Dobrev promises.

"Because Damon force-fed Elena his blood, and she was just so heartbroken by it, and she was so angry and upset, it’s almost like something finally clicked in his brain and he realized that he did something that was not right."

"It’s his final act of good grace - he doesn’t want to burden them with it. He’s already kind of written himself off, and he doesn’t want to make everyone around him suffer. He just wants to go gracefully and try to redeem himself before he dies."

"It’s actually a really beautiful episode.”

Note that all she said is that Damon thinks he’s dying. We've seen TVD supernatural laws that were all a hoax (see sun and moon curse) or changed on a dime (see spell tethering Elena's soul to John's preventing vampire transition).

There could be any number of ways Damon gets out of this. The only question is how, at what cost, and where that leaves Delena when all is said and done.

Steven R. McQueen, meanwhile, dished on Jeremy’s upcoming action ...

“He takes part in the action in a way. That’s all I can reveal,”  he said. “Working with Kat [Graham] has been so great. She is a great actress and an even better person."

"I have been happy to finally have a girlfriend with a fighting chance at surviving," said the actor of his character. "Jeremy has what we call on the set ‘the kiss of death.’"

"All of his love interests seem to die on him, but Bonnie is powerful and at least has a fighting chance at surviving all the supernatural villains around town.”

The question is: Does Jeremy? Will the body count continue to rise in this week's second season-ender? Sound off on these spoilers with your theories below.

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