TV Fanatic Exclusive: Nick Offerman Discusses Parks and Recreation, Disdain For Shaving & More!

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Nick Offerman is the man.

Aside from shared passions for meat and woodworking, the actor claims he has little in common with his legendary Parks and Recreation alter ego, Ron Swanson.

However, after speaking to him exclusively yesterday, TV Fanatic can say with certainty that both men jointly occupy the pinnacle of the Pyramid of Greatness.

Nick told us about partnering with Budweiser in its campaign to save millions of gallons of water globally. All you have to do is stop shaving until June 5.

Sit around, do nothing, save the planet. Talk about win-win! He also discussed working with wife Megan Mullally on Parks and Rec, who he'd like to see play Tammy #1, what actor he's campaigning to get to play the Mayor of Pawnee, his latest big screen role and more.

Watch TVF's chat with Nick below. And bow down.

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