Friday Night Lights Review: "Don't Go"

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Now that we're in the home stretch of Friday Night Lights' final season, there's not a single episode that doesn't get me all misty eyed. Add Tim Riggins' parole hearing into the equation and my tear ducts were a lost cause.

In "Don't Go," one of the most beloved characters from Dillon, Texas returned to our TV screens. When I saw Tim in his prison jumpsuit I felt a pang of sadness.

The unshakable Tim Riggins, who's persevered through more than I can list, has visibly changed. His spirit is broken and after what he's been through, I don't blame him.

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Although Tim seemed apathetic and almost dead inside, I was completely moved by the speeches at his hearing. Billy's sweaty panic showed his guilt, Coach was as steadfast and reliable as ever, and Buddy Garrity blew my socks off.

Buddy used to practically ban Tim from his house, but when push comes to shove, he knows Tim has heart and spirit that is virtually unmatched in their little town of Dillon.

Better yet, he was willing to guarantee him a full-time job upon his release.

The theme of this week was rebuilding. Just as we saw Tim get released on parole and start putting his old life back together, the Lions were doing some rebuilding of their own. Putting the petty drama in the past, Luke realized that maybe football didn't have to be the be all and end all when it came to his future.

Vince realized that his father did not have his best interests at heart. Coach found his way back to his team after entertaining the idea of accepting a college position.

The athletic banquet was truly a tribute to a great coach.

There's a huge difference between way the Panthers and the Lions appreciate Coach. I know I love my Panthers, but the Lions admire Coach with a sense of genuine gratitude that the hotshots at West Dillon never really had.

They were entitled, as opposed to the Lions, who basically owe Coach for saving them. In Vince's case, he knew he could be far worse off and that led to him pleading with Coach not to go.

Ultimately, Eric Taylor told the press and all of Dillon that he wasn't going to leave after all. However, it looks to me like his wife Tami could be headed in a new direction that may or may not include Dillon in her future.

Perhaps as people have suggested, the whole Epyck storyline was to show us how strong of a counselor Tami really is. It was an honor for her to get chosen as a panelist at a college discussion. You can see the passion she has for helping students.

I don't know where everyone will end up, but I know the Lions are headed for playoffs and I'll be on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

Don't Go Review

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