Friday Night Lights Review: "Fracture"

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You didn't think that unnecessary 65-yard pass was the last you'd see of Vince's ego did you? Ok good, because he was just getting started. From the moment "Fracture" kicked off it was Vince this, Vince that, as we watched a self-centered post-game interview with the star quarterback.

Jess warned Vince and noted that he didn't mention any of his teammates in the interview, but with Ornette in his ear Vince brushed it off and charged forward. I knew this Ornette was bad news, as much as he seems to love Vince he just doesn't realize that he's doing more harm than good. After Coach specifically warned against recruitment violations, Ornette set up an "unofficial" visit with Oklahoma Tech anyway.

Vince and His Dad

That visit sure did seem unofficial when Vince met with a boardroom full of people, was escorted around campus by two hot girls, took photos on the field and was basically asked to give a verbal commitment. I hope you all can sense my sarcasm better than Vince could sense that he was getting played. You'd think that after the way he saw Luke get screwed, he'd be a little more cautious but he was blinded by the excitement, just as Oklahoma Tech had intended.

The part that irked me more than Vince lying and going against Coach's precautions, was the fact that he used his mother as an excuse. Faking she had a drug relapse after all that woman went through was just classless. Well Vince's indiscretions are certainly not flying with his teammates or Coach. Luke has a bit of an anger problem, eh? The scene with them all fighting before the pep rally was to be expected, but it's sad to see the boys resort to that after all that they've worked for.

Speaking of classless actions, Derek came all the way to Dillon, really? I mean thanks for the apology loser, but you dug your own hole on this one. Not gonna lie, I loved that Coach chased him out of the house and broke his tail light. I kinda wish my dad had done that with the boys who had hurt me!

When we saw Julie leave it was alleged that she was heading back to Burleson. Then when she called Derek to clarify the true reason he paid her a visit and pulled the quick U-Turn we wondered, was she going to school or Tennessee? Then she showed up at someone's door, squeaked out a hello, the camera panned and much to my surprise and delight was my beloved Matt Saracen!!!! This is cliche but Saracen, you are like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. So refreshing to see Julie make a smart decision for once.

I can't wait to see some more of ol' Matty boy next week. I also look forward to more Mindy/Becky bonding moments. Unlike that old bag who told Becky she should take a look at the company she keeps, I loved how supportive the strippers were of her. Becky hasn't had much of a support system and it was great that they took her to the pageant. Even more so, it was great how understanding they were when she opened up to them about her abortion. It's not easy to discuss something like that and Mindy has become that big sister Becky always needed.

Here's to hoping Vince comes to his senses, Luke and Becky can make it work, and Buddy Jr's leg heals. I'm still not really that clear on how he injured it doing a weird Samoan war chant with Billy, but leave it to a Riggins to cause trouble. I know I haven't really addressed the whole Epyck storyline, but i'm not that down with it and I'm still pretty unclear what the point of it all is. Either way, I totally told my mother during this episode that if she weren't my mom, I'd totally want Tami Taylor to be my parent. She's the best, just sayin'!

Fracture Review

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If I were you I'd get in the car right now.

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