The Closer Review: "To Serve with Love"

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The lightness of "To Serve with Love" was a welcome change from last week's dark hour, wasn't it?

Focusing on yet another mishap from the brilliant minds of Flynn and Provenza, the installment provided enough comedy to keep me smiling for 60 minutes.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In spite of the seriousness of a murder, every line delivered was worthy of repeating. Brenda and Fritz made Commander Taylor look dumb in front of the press, while Pope was hot for the victim's widow, a widow who sat beside the victim's daughter in the eighth grade.

It was silly and irreverent and everything I will miss when this series comes to a close. The timing and delivery of each cast member was on fire. Zoom, zing and boom, their seven years of working together were on full display here, delivering to the viewers an experience rarely pulled off on a drama, but a signature of The Closer.

After the body fell onto Buzz's little car, he, Provenza and Flynn continued to drive around in it, like a few clowns. A newbie seeing them in action would never think they had successfully solved the number of cases they have. Even the suspect/victim (played brilliantly by guest star Adam Arkin) questioned getting inside... and he was running from the Feds!

While Raydor was missing from the episode, I'm wondering if we will be lucky enough to have the team follow her to the spinoff, Major Crimes, and make it a dramedy rather than a full-on dramatic affair. Raydor has proven herself in her own chuckle-worthy scenes and, while she'd be lacking the southern charm of Brenda Lee, I have no doubt she'd bring it on when needed.

This could have been an entire review with nothing but quotes. The lines were that good. Don't forget to check them out after reading the review so you can relive some of the funnier moments.

I gave it a perfect five because, frankly, bringing this type of entertainment while still catching the bad guy in a believable way seems harder to pull off than the cases wrought with dire circumstances. Did you enjoy the zaniness as much as I did? What are your hopes for Major Crimes?

To Serve with Love Review

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The Closer Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Gabriel: He fell from up there, down to here?
Flynn: A back dive and a half twist. And would you believe the Russian judge only gave him an 8.5.

Buzz: Oh! My car!
Provenza: Oh, don't worry about it Buzz. I know a great guy in Korea town who can buff that right out.