The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Hole in the Wall"

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Now THAT is what I call drama. This week's appropriately titled episode "Hole in the Wall" was definitely one for the books.

Amy and Ricky's bedroom bickering was child's play compared to the performances by Ben and Adrian here. We've seen them both in states of sadness and mourning. This week? We witnessed some major anger.

Son and Mother

Ben's discontent had been brewing for weeks. It was only a matter of time before something made him snap. However, I never really thought we'd see it to the extent that we did. I really have to applaud Ken Baumann for all of his big scenes this season.

Ben had been walking around, making it seem like the only reason he wanted out of the marriage was because he didn't want to be tied to Adrian anymore. We thought he wasn't into being married at 17 without a child in the picture. Never did I realize how peeved he really was with his wife, how selfish he found her and how guilty he's been for the past year.

Adrian, who has never been one to hide emotion, pulled out the crazy. We've stood by and watched her mourn, which seemed natural. Seeing her destroy a room, though, with her bare hand (which must look mutated by now) was far less organic. I think she's losing it and I don't blame her, but, as I said last week, she needs to seek help.

Ben claimed he never wanted to sleep with her. Hmmm, okay. I don't believe that. People mess up, make mistakes, and live with the consequences of that... but come on. At least be honest. You do not sleep with another girl because you are mad at your girlfriend, or at least not if you're respectable. Both parties need help before they continue to hurt themselves and their loved ones.

Elsewhere, Amy is a little too much of a pushover for my liking. I get that Ricky has pride, but if they need a couch and someone's willing to get it for them, then say thank you - and shut up. You're 17. It's not like you're rolling in the dough. It doesn't mean you're spoiled or ungrateful to accept a sofa, Ricky. Relax.

Grace? Keep it in your pants for one minute. This girl falls in love faster than Kim Kardashian. I've said it before and I'll say it again: pump the brakes. There's this thing called lust that can sometimes disguise itself as love. Go look that up.

My only real bone to pick with the writers is that there's no way Ben walked into a liquor store and bought beer. Sure, I had a fake ID at his age, but I don't even think he has one - and he still looks like he's going through puberty. Other than that, superb episode.

Hole in the Wall Review

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