Burn Notice Review: "Hard Out"

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Welcome to Burn Notice, Gavin Rossdale!

After the disappointing appearance of The Big Show a few weeks ago, I was not sure what to expect from Rossdale’s appearance this week. I was happily surprised, though.

Where that WWE behemouth was barely on camera and almost swallowed by the scene, Rossdale - as Armand - was both suave and creepy, receiving a good amount of screen time in the process. 

Gavin Rossdale on Burn Notice

On the flip side, I was upset that Pearce and Jesse didn't get to talk longer. Her curiosity about why Jesse works with Michael after he destroyed Jesse's career should increase her trust and respect for Michael.

He is going to need it, too, because, no matter how hard Michael tries to avoid it, there is a storm coming, and Pearce could make the difference. 

Can a TV Fanatatic (possibly female) explain Fiona’s jealousy over Pearce to this simple minded male reviewer? I was as baffled as Michael was when she went into jealous mode.  Michael had clearly said she was a woman; and while attractive, I'd put her on par with Fiona, not above, so I don’t get why Fiona suddenly felt threatened or misinformed.

While we are discussing Fiona’s strange behavior, why did she decide not to tell Michael all the details about Armand, and then to get all hurt when Michael didn’t appreciate what she went through to help him? 

And, of course, poor Michael (having no idea,) looked like a monkey doing algebra while he was trying to figure out what Fiona was annoyed about.

Actually, this is a good time to mention something about men in general: Hints don’t work, tell us what you want us to know! Let me be clear: subtle hints don’t work, strong hints don’t work, really obvious hints don’t work… If you want us to know something, tell us!  

Fiona, if you want Michael to appreciate what you went through with Armand, you have to tell him prior to getting bent out shape so he can properly digest all the details and thank you!

Actually, I’m surprised Fiona let Armand get into her head at all. She seemed very well guarded when she saw him the first two times, so it was a bit of a shock he was able to rattle her about her relationship with Michael so easily in the last visit. 

Come on Fi! You know Michael loves you; you have to have more confidence in your relationship than that! 

I guess it doesn’t matter what Michael does, from Caribbean island stronghold infiltration to handling his beloved at home, he certainly had it rough in"Hard Out." I’m not expecting it to get any easier for him, as he continues to look for the man that framed him for Max’s murder while keeping the CIA off his trail.

Hard Out Review

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Jesse: There are still 5 guys with machine guns.
Michael: Better than 40.

Pearce: Anyone tell you that your brand of espionage is hell on the nerves?
Michael: All the time.