Curb Your Enthusiasm Review: It Was The One-Armed Man!

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All of the one-armed man references in "Car Periscope" must have been from The Fugitive because there never actually was a one-armed man in The Mask - even though Jim Carrey so memorably announced It wasn't me. It was the one-armed man! - and Wrongfully Accused featured a one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed man as the villain.

While playing off of The Fugitive for the one-armed man thing certainly ran its course through the 90s, enough time has passed to make it acceptable again, and Curb Your Enthusiasm did a great job of incorporating it into the rest of this week's funny episode. The idea made for plenty of great LD sound bites, but more importantly, it created some of the best Larry-and-Jeff-as-detectives moments there has ever been.

Wanda vs. Larry

The invention from which this episode got its name proved to be a key factor in allowing those two goons to scour the city for the one-armed man while retro cop movie music played in the background. It wasn't the best Curb episode of the season, but it certainly was different, and that was a nice change.

"Car Periscope" also gave us Larry's way of interpreting a man's integrity, it told us to never try to invent the pool cue skis, and it allowed us all to munch and pee if it becomes necessary.

Most importantly, though, it gave us an ending that brought everything full circle. By incorporating both the one-armedness of Larry's evil opponent and LD himself, as well as the upstreaming of a cab that opened the episode, "Car Periscope" came together extremely well. Add that to all the laughs, and you had a very effective episode of Curb.

Now figure out if you would call a celebrity out for using "coon" in Words With Friends, and then tell us how you would have dealt with Larry's major predicament this week:

The Upstreaming
LD's Stance: There is no upstreaming for cabs. You cannot move up the street to hail a cab if he was there first.
My Perspective: Because I have never lived in an area with a high density of cabs, I had to call in a professional. My friend Larry (ironic, huh?) says that upstreaming is a major problem in NYC, and that it is extremely frowned upon. Typical protocol tends to be to either wait your turn behind the other person, or head back down the street to the next available corner. This makes the most logical sense to me. Any other way, as LD put it, would be "anarchy."

As always, here are some of our favorite quotes from "Car Periscope." Don’t forget to check out all the best one-liners at our Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes page.

Larry: He's gonna change your life. And a life that sorely needs changing. | permalink
Larry: I am going to go do something nice, right now.
Susie: It's about time. | permalink
Larry: I didn't beat him. The one-armed man did it! | permalink
Larry: I like to munch and pee. | permalink

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He's gonna change your life. And a life that sorely needs changing.