Devin Kelley to Cozy Up to Auggie on Covert Affairs

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She's a friend of TV Fanatic, but she'll soon become even more than than on Covert Affairs.

Devin Kelley, who portrayed Vonda Wysocki on Fox's The Chicago Code, has landed a role that will make many women jealous: she'll recur on the aforementioned USA hit as Auggie's new girlfriend.

Devin Kelley Promo Pic

The actress will portray Parker, a Peace Corps volunteer and the younger sister of Billy, one of the men killed during the mission that blinded Christopher Gorham's character.

"We thought that would be an interesting territory to explore," producer Chris Ord told TV Guide of settling Auggie down with a woman he describes as "definitely Auggie's type," adding: "We're kind of excited to see what it would mean for Auggie to be in a relationship."

Many fans likely agree. They just wish Annie was the one exploring said territory with Auggie.

Kelley will debut as Parker on the second episode of Covert Affairs' winter season.

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