The Big C Review: Love, Proposals and Pity

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Cathy Jamison committed turkey-cide on this episode of The Big C, standing in front of her family with animal blood splashed across her body and a menacing look on her face...

... and that was scarcely one of the most memorable scenes from "The Last Thanksgiving."

Awkward Thanksgiving Meal

A terrific episode of this Showtime series culminated in a number of troubling developments, the least of which involved the death of Marty. Lee flipped out and screamed at a cancer patient the one thing you should probably never say (there's no chance for survival), especially in front of her son; while Rebecca mostly proposed to Sean.

Sorry, buddy, we can't give you credit for uttering the actual words, not after she set you up like that.

How great were the looks on Sean's face while Rebecca gushed about how she loved his honesty? Just so proud, so happy, to shocked to hear such glowing words from his soon-to-be fiancee. I've noted all season how strong of a job the show has done in turning this character from a caricature into someone simply unique and entertaining and never was that more evident here.

From his reaction to Rebecca, to the "spell" he holds over Adam to his resistance to murder an animal with a name, Sean once again stood apart from his family.

Everyone else had his/her moments, as well, though. Myk and Andrea are simply adorable, even if I don't really buy her love for him just yet. But that doesn't mean Gabrielle Sidibe isn't a joy to watch ("I'm fat and you're gay, so we're supposed to get along.), as she's made Andrea (imagine me typing that in Myk's cool accent) into a three-dimensional young woman who is so much more than the bitter black girl we met on season one.

The misunderstanding/fight between Cathy and Lee makes perfect sense from both sides, meanwhile. The former has nothing but positive intentions, yet I'd react similarly to Lee if I learned my friend was lying to me. They're in this together, that's been the theme of this entire "mole mate" run and now she's withholding key information from him? Feeling sorry for him? Lee is definitely not the kind of guy who wants your pity.

Is this the last we've seen of him? Will Rebecca be okay? Will Paul get into trouble for his scheme with Myk? The Big C isn't typically a show to leave us with cliffhangers, but on top of emotion and humor this week, it furthered various storylines and made me legitimately curious about what comes next.

The Last Thanksgiving Review

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