The Closer Review: "Forgive Us Our Trespasses"

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We started out this week with subpoenas served in a civil suit for the death of Turell Baylor. The server, played by Curtis Armstrong (who hasn't changed much since his Moonlighting days), was also the attorney in the case against Brenda.

By doing his own serving, he managed to hear much more than he should have. Taken out of context, it could be very bad for Brenda and the entire squad, should the case make it to court.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses Scene

The topic was hardly light, but the show's way of dealing with it kept us from focusing on what might come next, such as the departmental infighting I expected because, conveniently, Detective Gabriel wasn't served. Way to keep them on their toes!

The case of the week was just as goofy and handled in the same way. As much as I enjoyed the classic witty dialogue in "Forgive Us Our Trespasses," I had a hard time absorbing it in the severe context of the cases involved.

The Baylor investigation keeps rearing its ugly head in the most annoying of ways, and the writers need to decide if this is something to be concerned about or to brush off. 

As for the main case itself? It seemed someone felt it necessary to make political jabs at the Right to get their point across. My suggestion? Keep things in the middle, like The Good Wife and Boston Legal. You can be on both sides of the political spectrum and still create brilliant stories. 

It's rare that I let a show's political message get the better of me, but I did this week. I'm hoping that the case against Brenda won't come down to some ridiculous message that reverses all the good Brenda has done for the past six seasons. I can't stand the thought of it, and I want better for the end of The Closer.

You have to wonder how the Baylor family's attorney knew so much about Brenda's department that he picked the exact player not to subpoena; the one that would cause the most strife between them with the best attempt to put major crimes at odds.

You also have to hand it to Gabriel. Calling and demanding a subpoena of his own showed just how little the attorney knew about them after all. Great move!

Seeing Brenda crumble at the end, with the blood red wine spilling over Fritz's subpoena, was almost too much to bear. If nothing else, throughout the series, she has had the confidence of her convictions. Now, she is floundering like a fish out of water, with essentially nowhere to turn for solace. 

Brenda needs an attorney. She needed an attorney ages ago, but I can only hope that this latest turn of events will push her in the right direction. We shouldn't be made to watch her question her beliefs, as she has been steady and true to the law and her cases since day one.

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode in many ways, but I thought it fell short in execution.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses Review

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