Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Spoilers: A Funeral for Charlie

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All will be revealed on September 19.

So states the latest Two and a Half Men promotional photo, but it sounds like we might not need to wait that long for major intel on the season nine premiere. According to Deadline Hollywood, the sitcom WILL, indeed, kill off Charlie Sheen's Charlie Harper.

As a result, the episode will center around this character's funeral.

Alan Moves Out

Look for various girlfriends from Charlie's past to show up for the service, and for his house to go up for sale. Potential buyers that will make cameos will include real-life celebrities, largely comprised of stars from Chuck Lorre's other programs.

Among them? Ashton Kutcher.

The premiere storyline will then be continued on the second episode, by the end of which Kutcher will have purchased the home and moved in.

What do you think of this plan, TV Fanatics?

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