Warehouse 13 Review: "Don't Hate the Player"

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"Don't Hate the Player" delivered fear, a first person perspective... and plenty of questions.

I wasn’t sure just how well the video game theme could be pulled off, but Warehouse 13 is definitely the show to try it, mainly because it was another chance to see some of the agents’ fears come to life, especially for Claudia. Also, I loved the first person perspective scenes. They were a brilliant move.

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As we know, Claudia has always been trying to distance herself from her mental institution past. In some ways, being a Warehouse agent has been the perfect job for her. Except for those few people she sees every day and on missions she doesn’t need to venture out of her comfort zone. She doesn’t need to show those old wounds to people.

So for those wounds to be shown to everyone she cares about in the video game? That was a big deal for her. But it finally gave her some of the closure she was seeking. I was happy for her because it was something that really haunted her for such a long time. Especially when most of the pain she went through during that time wasn't even her own fault.

I was also hoping to see what Pete and Myka’s fears were, but I can understand why the attention was on Claudia.

As for Artie and Steve, I have so many questions about Agent Stukowski and who she works for. The Van Gough painting with those tracking bugs was genius. But what was their purpose? Obviously, they want to know what’s in the Warehouse, but is her boss a rival collector? Just a power bent evildoer? Why couldn't Steve tell if she was lying to them?

Overall, I loved the video game theme of “Don’t Hate the Player," I was happy to see Steve back in this episode, and I enjoyed the reveal of the bad guy. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for some answers.

Don't Hate the Player Review

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