America's Next Top Model Review: Welcome, Ashlee Simpson

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Hallelujah! Nigel Barker cut his hair. Or rather, Tyra forced him to. Either way, it’s a huge relief because, for some reason, he is noticeably less hot with hair.Anyway,bBack to the All-Stars…

ANTM All-Stars

This week’s episode welcomed Ashlee Simpson as a guest judge and was all about business and branding. And breakdowns and Ty-overs. The girls each got branded with one word that they had to represent themselves with; some were cool, like Dominique’s “Survivor,” while others were strange, like Kayla’s “Free.” 

Even before the makeovers, the personalities were un-clawing all over the place. “Candid” Bianca took her word and ran as hard as she could with it, unleashing her personality in the house. So does that mean she was holding back before?

When the models were previously eliminated in their seasons, they unfailingly said that they wished they had done something differently. Perhaps they should’ve tried harder, or cooperated more, or whined less about their hair.  Well, now’s your chance girls!

Unfortunately, although it’s the All-Stars, the models are petulant and as whiny as ever before. Bre, one of my favorites, even told one of the producers that she wanted to leave the show! Although she calmed down enough to stay, it was still surprising that in six years, she didn’t learn to trust the pros. That’s not very “Girlfriend,” is it Bre?

The premise of the shoot was a little wacky (can models eat hot dogs?) but the styling really was gorgeous and the dresses were glamorous. My personal favorites of the night were definitely Allison, Bianca, “Loveable” Laura and “Trustworthy” Shannon. 

At the unconventional judging where Tyra shaved Nigel’s hair for the sake of “branding,” “Daring” Lisa got top photo while “Unexpected” Sheena got the boot. All my favorites are getting weeded out fast. 

What did you think about the episode?Are the All-Stars living up to your expectations?

Ashlee Simpson Review

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