Breaking Bad Review: Get the Eff Out!

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For the Whites, honesty stopped being the best policy a long time ago.

Walt has been lying to his family about the extent of his drug involvement for months, while Skyler has never been as clean as she would likely wish to believe. There was Ted's shady accounting and now, of course, the car wash.

On "Bug," these deceptions caught up to both characters. One can only manipulate books and former proteges for so long.

Jesse P

We've gotta start with the fight. Just brutal staff, an extended scene and blow-up that has been in the making all season long, yet I didn't think would actually come out in such a way. Once I moved past the shock of how violent these two got with each other, my first thought was:

Good for you, Jesse.

This is a young man who has seemed utterly detached from life since killing Gail. He's been as close to suicidal as one can get without pulling any triggers or writing any notes. He's felt used by powerful people, manipulated, worthless as a human being.

And he may very well still feel all of these things, but reacting with such anger toward Walt's car bugging proves there's life in Jesse yet. There's fight there, literally and figuratively. For almost two seasons now, we've watched Walt act as anything but a father figure to Jesse, reminding him at every turn about the poor decisions he's made and the consequences that have been the result.

Any amateur psychologist could diagnose this as Walt deflecting, but Walt never sees it that way, of course. He legitimately believes the world revolves around him, that he's the man in charge and Jesse has been letting him down, holding him back, siding with the enemy.

Never once has Walt stopped to truly ask how Jesse is doing since the Gail incident - his attempt at small talk this week was laughable, to viewers and to Jesse - while we've been seeing how the shooting has affected this already unstable individual.

Did he ever plan to poison Gus? I think so. I think he was torn, but he did want to go through with it, both for his survival and because, deep down, he still wants to please Mr. White. But we've watched Jesse struggle with the ramifications of actually killing someone. It's not easy, no matter how circumstances might make it appear necessary. Has Walt taken a moment to consider this difficulty, this life-altering action? No. He just thinks Jesse has turned against him.

Conversely, Gus is cooking Jesse dinner. He's actually being honest with his employee, laying out every detail of his problems with the cartel. It's unusual to say this about the head of such a major drug operation, but do we have any reason not to trust Gus?

And that Terminator-esque stroll through sniper fire? Badass. Awesome.

Where do things go from here? I can sincerely say that I have no idea. Jesse might still murder Gus, if only for his own self-preservation because he doesn't want to go to Mexico. Skyler, meanwhile, will definitely be making a mess of the business from stealing from it and handing wads of cash over to Ted. And Walt will learn his lesson, realize how deeply he's hurt Jesse and beg for forgiveness next week.

Just kidding. Pretty much the exact opposite is likely to happen. Walter White, on his own, out of the loop, convinced everyone is against him? This won't end well.

Bug Review

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