David Gallagher to Play Role in Klaus and Stefan's "Great Summer Ripper Road Show"

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Little known fact: former 7th Heaven star David Gallagher originally read for both Damon and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.

He didn't land either, of course, but the actor left enough of an impression on producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec that he'll appear on the first two episodes of season three as a werewolf in Tennessee named Ray Sutton.

Klaus vs. Ray

Look for this character to run into Klaus and Stefan on the premiere.

“They’re actually hunting for me, so when I finally encounter them, I get swept into Klaus’ master plan that he has developed around Ray. It’s not the friendliest of encounters,” Gallagher tells Entertainment Weekly. “I think the audience is really gonna eat it up. It really has to do with Klaus’ vision of the future.”

Which would be?!? No one is saying.

But Plec does make it rather clear that Ray won't be around to see how it goes, saying the arc "does not end well for him."

"It has a lot to do with what I call Klaus and Stefan’s ‘great summer ripper road show,’ and where Stefan is in his relationship with Klaus. Ray comes into that storyline and puts Stefan in a position where he has to show his loyalty to Klaus at the expense of this other person.”

Interesting. For A LOT more on what's ahead, visit our The Vampire Diaries spoilers section now!

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