Project Runway Review: "What Women Want"

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How will our designers react when they have real people to work with on Project Runway? "What Women Want" proves that not everyone is up for the challenge.

When a bunch of regular looking men walk out with Heidi, you can feel the panic rise. Most of our contestants have never designed mens wear and then there are the body type issues. As Oliver puts it,  "Fat is fine but not when I'm making clothes."

Malin Akerman on Project Runway

Well it's actually not as bad as they thought. They aren't designing for the men. They are creating an outfit for their female wives or girlfriends. Is that better or worse?

That depends on the designer and the couple. Tim calls Oliver on his crayon-like colors and poor time management skills but those are the least of his issues. Oliver can't handle working with real people. He wants a model with a flat chest who will shut up and let him make what he wants. I see problems in Oliver's future, not just this challenge.

The male half of Bert's couple is obsessed with his wife's cleavage and wants to show it off. Thankfully Bert shows a little restraint

Josh M's challenge is going simple. His client won't let him bedazzle a thing and he's at his wit's end Surprisingly, Josh should go with simple more often.  His simple black dress with the plunging neckline is lovely. His biggest challenge seems to have been convincing his client to go braless.

Laura must design for woman who wants a barbie doll look. It turns out OK but reminded me of something you'd see on one the Real Housewives shows.

There's very little sniping among the designers this week as they're all concentrating on their work. Having an actual couple to deal with keeps them on their toes.

Actress Malin Ackerman is this week's guest judge as the whittle down our list to the top and bottom three.

The Top 3:

  • Viktor's sheer teal top and grey skirt is a hit with the judges although Michael and Nina think she's a bit over accessorized. Ackerman loves the sheer top and Nina says the look is just right.
  • Anya's Japanese and African silk print dress turns heads. Kors says it's fabulous and memorable. Nina thinks the print is phenomenal but doesn't like the one sleeve. Ackerman would wear it on the red carpet. It's bold but classy.
  • Josh M's simple black dress wows the judges. Heidi is shocked he didn't bedazzle it and thinks it is elegant and chic but sassy. Michael says she looks like a modern Grace Kelly.

And the Bottom 3:

  • Bert's dress is made beautifully but Nina thinks the skirt is too short and the cleavage too low. Michael says it looks like a dress you can buy in a million stores. It's too normal and too boring.
  • Bryce's bright pink dress is the right color but the wrong fit. Nina thinks the dress is wearing the girl and the pockets at the hips are huge and unflattering. Michael and Heidi say that every seam is puckered.
  • Anthony's dress is compared to a cheerleaders outfit.  Kors thinks it's a cross between a super hero and an ice skater.

I honestly thought Anya had this one in the bag. Her silk print dress was the most fashion forward of anything on the runway. But it's not the first time the judges and I have disagreed and really it isn't a huge argument. Josh M wins and his black dress with the lace trim is lovely. I just thought Anya took more of a risk but I suppose simple is a risk for Josh.

Bert's given a final warning from Heidi. His looks are boring and too simple. Step it up or expect to go home soon. But this week it's Bryce who must leave. When Michael Kors says your dress looks like the girl fell asleep in the car before the event, you know you're in trouble.

Looks like next week is yet another team challenge. Can't wait to see how they torture our contestants again.

What Women Want Review

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Fat is fine but not when I'm making clothes.


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