Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Dorylus"

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SAMCRO is all in.

Well, six members are all in. The other five will just need to go along with the votes cast on "Dorylus." What did our Sons of Anarchy Round Table team - Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando - think of the latest episode? Find out now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Clay's confrontation with Gemma to close the episode. As I wrote in my review, TV Fanatic Katey Sagal conveys more emotion per hour than any actress on television. Gemma was genuinely terrified of Clay in this scene, as was yours truly. We've seen the SAMCRO President in many states before, but never toward his wife in such a manner.

Dan: It had to be the multiple scenes with Vivica and her sons Luther and Vandross. Not only because she paid tribute to the great R&B singer with those names, but because the whole family was so dysfunctional that it made the Teller-Morrow clan look like the Brady Bunch.

Christine: I loved every scene with Clay. He's talking drug cartel deals over breakfast with Jax and the kids. He's having creepy conversations with Tara. He outs Jax's plans to Bobby and he gives his word to everyone... which seems to mean less and less as time goes on. That's got to come back to bite him.


Was Piney out of line when he told Gemma about the cartel?
Matt: It depends on how you feel about Col. Nathan R. Jessep. Do the Sons secretly want Clay on the SAMCRO wall? Do they need him on that wall? It takes tough men to make tough decisions, but it sometimes takes even tougher men to stand up for what is truly right. Piney, it seems learned from the mistakes of Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson.

Dan: Probably, in the eyes of the Sons of Anarchy, but a man gots to do what a man gots to do. Maybe at one point Clay would listen to his old lady's advice... but not now, not this Clay. If this were wrestling, Clay would be on the verge of turning full blown heel. The guy will stop at nothing to get as much money as he can before his hands get the best of him, and I believe his relentlessness will be the death of him, literally.

Christine: Yes, but he's desperate to save his club and both he and Gemma quickly found out how close to the edge Clay really is.

Who is in a more precarious position, the dude with the ants on his head or Juice with Roosevelt going through his family tree?
Matt: I'm going with the ant guy. Granted, he's dead. But if there's a heaven and he's gotta explain to folks how he ended up there, the poor sap will be reliving that gnawing nightmare for eternity.

Dan: Well, it might have been the dude with the ants, before Clay so kindly - and selfishly - put the man out of his misery, but now that he's dead, Juice is definitely in the worst shape out of most of the characters on screen. The fright in Theo Rossi's face during that conversation with Roosevelt was brilliant acting, and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out. And Roosevelt's "I'll stay in touch brotha" was easily the funniest line of the night.

Christine: Because Clay was nice enough to put the dude with the ants out of his misery, definitely Juice. The look on his face as the reality of his situation set in was brilliant. He's now the Sheriff's pawn and this probably won't end well.

Compare Kozik's game to that of a current NBA player.
Matt: He took his mind off what was truly important and didn't come through in the clutch. This may be the obvious answer, but how can I not go with LeBron James?

Dan: I'm gonna go out of the box on this one. Due to his inability to do his job, letting the truck get stolen from right under his nose, Kozik most reminds me of the Thunder's Russell Westbrook. Westbrook led the NBA with an astounding 316 turnovers this season! If Kozik continues to screw up like this, I don't care how many times he backs his Pres and VP, he's not getting patched in.

Christine: Since I never watch basketball I can't really answer this one, but that was a set-up he should have seen coming a mile a way. If he had really lost the cartel's guns, I don't think he could ride far or fast enough to save himself.

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