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It all came down to the vote this week, as Jax and Clay campaigned for SAMCRO to get involved with the cartel.

Bobby remained against the deal, even after Clay promised to make him President after Jax left. Opie, however, followed the request of his best friend (unaware Jax is planning to leave), while Kozik also voted in favor of the deal because he felt bad after almost losing the guns to a group of teens who robbed him. The deal ended up passing 6-5.

- Gemma confronted Tara over the letters, warning her telling Jax about them won't do anyone any good. She also learned from Piney that Clay was advocating the drug deal.

- Juice was brought in by Roosevelt, merely so the latter could tell the former that he knows his father was African-American. He threatened to reveal this information to the club.

Sons of Anarchy
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