The Big C Review: Cancer and Cunnilingous

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So... Paul is hooked on cocaine, Andrea is engaged to Mik and Dr. Sherman has a proclivity for oral sex. Gotta hand it to "Fight or Flight." I didn't see any of these developments coming on The Big C.

Dr. Sherman at Dinner

Let's start with the first: really?!? I'm all for an examination of how Cathy's disease is affecting those around her, but this sure seemed to come out of nowhere.

Sure, Paul is stressed at work and at home and it's no surprise that he's done a bit of blow in his past. But cocaine is sort of a big deal. It certainly seemed like a random, quick step for him to learn that a buyer paid Mik in powder (and how can someone traffic in cocaine, yet not have any cash, by the way?) and then to immediately return to both snorting it and asking for more.

I'm curious about this Mik guy, too. Is he shady, yet truly in love with Andrea? Simply because one steals good from one's employer doesn't mean that person isn't capable of sincerity in his relationship.

But there's been so many red flags about this character, from his thievery to his drug use, that it's difficult to believe something more isn't on the way. And, man, I feel sorry for Mik if/when it goes down. We got a glimpse of Andrea's scorned side when she thought she was being dumped this week. This is not a young woman with whom you want to mess.

Speaking of messes: thanks a lot, The Big C. I'll never be able to eat a cannoli again without imagining Alan Alda's face in... nevermind.

Finally, we get to Cathy and Lee. Moving stuff from these two and dynamite performances from both Laura Linney and Hugh Dancy. It's easy to see both sides of their argument, though I'm with Lee. Cathy's motivations are purely selfish. Yes, it's a nice way to be selfish, wanting to save a friend. But there's also a lack of respect for that friend when you butt that far into his life.

Clearly, understandably, it's difficult to watch someone die of cancer when you also suffer from that disease. You want that individual to fight because you want to believe there will always be hope for you, too. And there appears to be for Cathy, as those fingernails continue to fall off.

For now, though, it's all about the impending takeoff. Let's hope the Jamisons make it to Italy and have a blast. They deserve it. I hear there are really great cannolis there, Paul.

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