True Blood Round Table: "Soul of Fire"

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Sookie was saved. Andy was f-cked. And Marnie was killed. Sort of.

It was an eventful penultimate episode of True Blood this Sunday, one editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal picks apart below, as he's joined by staff members Eric Hochberger, Carissa Pavlica and Jim Garner in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: No scenes stand out. Can I go with favorite quotes? Jessica bitching about PMS, Pam wanting to hurry up and obliterate the store because she had a mani-pedi and Andy evaluating his sexual prowess were all winners.

Eric: Alicide and Sam taking down Marcus. With the disappointing witch battle, at least I was able to relieve some much-needed stress watching Alcide strangle that punk to death. Then kicking crazy Debbie to the curb? Finally a resolution I can feel good about.

Jim: Eric tearing out "Uncle Tom's" heart and drinking it like a juice box in front of Marnie.

Carissa: Jason laying into Bill and Eric for almost allowing Sookie to be killed in Marine's place. It was about time someone reminded them of why they are alive.

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Harder to believe: Marnie allowing Jesus and Lafayette to be alone with that body, Sookie taking part in a spell or a fairy wanting to have sex with Andy?
Matt: The fandy sex would be the obvious answer, so I'll question Sookie. Can't she read minds? Why wouldn't she have got into Marnie's head before joining hands with the other witches? Really, Eric and Bill, this is the woman you'd kill yourselves over?!?

Eric: Gonna agree with Carissa here. Two women chasing after Andy this season?!? This is just getting ridiculous.

Jim: I'm no doctor, but even I could tell that the stuff Jesus gathered up wouldn't sanitize anything. She can cast a wall of concentrated sunlight, but can't tell the difference between spell components and cleaner?

Carissa: The faerie wanting to have sex with Andy. Where in the HELL did that come from? Yet another moment when Sookie is in peril... and they completely ignore her to have sex with Andy? ANDY?!?

Should Eric forgive Pam?
Matt: Forgive Pam? Eric should date Pam! Unless the TV Fanatic version of Eric is correct below, and these two feel more like family members to one another, can you imagine a more entertaining couple than Peric? Okay, we gotta work on the nickname. But still.

Eric: Duh! Parents always forgive their children. Which is what I assume the maker/makee relationship is. Plus, I assume he'll break down during one of her witty moments. Come on, when she rescued the necklace? Even stone cold Eric had to crack a smile there and welcome her back with open arms.

Jim:Yes! Pam and Jessica were the only sane one's there. Seriously, two older-vampires are not worth any human, even the sparkly, part-faerie Sookie.

Carissa: Yes. Pam is Pam. At the very least, you always know where she is coming from, and liking Sookie has never been on her menu.

What are your hopes for the season finale?
Matt: I've been saying it all season, so one more time: a main character must die. Tommy doesn't count. Marcus definitely doesn't count. Either Tara, Lafayette, Sam or Alcide really has to perish. Sadly, I bet Jesus bites it and Alan Ball acts like he killed off a vital character.

Eric: Since Lafayette just ate Marnie, we'll actually get the Vampire/Witch showdown I paid for. However, because Alan Bell would never let anyone actually kill Lafayette, I assume it's just going to be an anti-climatic conversation between Jesus and Lafayette/Marnie that ends this season.

Jim: That Jessica and Jason finally give in to the feelings they have and deal with the fallout. Sorry, Hoyt.

Carissa: I'm hoping for a little Eric/Sookie reunion, for the witches to make a giant pinata around which most will perish and for Marnie to get the heck off my show. Witches are like middle-aged pieces of white trash, ridden hard and put up wet white trash. I'm sick of them. Seeing Alcide and Eric naked for no apparent reason wouldn't be upsetting, either. Just sayin.

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