True Blood Review: The Ties That No Longer Bind

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Ding dong, the wicked witch is not actually dead.

Jesus used a dead body, some mysterious babble and a bit of self-mutilation to unbind Antonia from Marnie on "Soul of Fire" - thereby rescuing Sookie from one of the least impressive CGI fires in recent memory - only for that pesky supernatural to take over his boyfriend's body later that night.

Seriously, don't you hate when that happens?

Pam with a Gun

It took a great deal of stupidity on the parts of numerous characters to arrive as this point. Why would Marnie let Jesus, who only last week impressed her with his demonic skill set, alone with that dead body? Why would Sookie and company agree to join hands with Marnie on another spell? And were Eric and Bill really gonna kill themselves just to save one human being?

I know, it's Sookie. I know, this was meant to be sweet and romantic and all... but knowing it wouldn't actually happen removed most of the suspense. As I complained after "Burning Down the House," this love triangle has grown tiresome. I'm really not interested in seeing Bill and Eric try to one-up each other for the foreseeable future.

Did you catch Eric referring to Bill as "Your Majesty" as they were cleaning up the mess at Moon Goddess, though? It does appear as if he remembers everything from his spelled-out state, which ought to make for even more well-rounded character.

But take it easy on Pam, E! Come on. She and Jason were the only ones thinking clearly during this attempted destruction of the store, albeit, ironically, from opposite points of view. You created Pam, Eric. You know what she's about and she's been of use to you in her icy, sarcastic, straightforward state for centuries. Don't cast her aside now just because you're blinded by love.

A Fanged Foursome

Elsewhere, hey, fairies still exist! And they have questionable taste in men! While Andy's self-congratulatory reaction to tasting this being's personal light fruit (if you know what I mean!) had me laughing out loud, the development seems random and forced. I'm still not sure why Terry would have left Andy in the woods alone, except that it served to bring a fairy back into the picture, one we can only assume will play a role in next week's finale, with Andy sworn to protect her.

Then again, we might not hear from the fairies again for nine more weeks. That's been the pattern so far.

I have no sarcastic digs for Alcide, however. Way to stand up to Debbie, big guy! I will call you boring, no longer. I will ask that you grow a spine, no longer.

Elsewhere on the episode:

  • Loved Lafayette providing play-by-play of Marnie and Antonia's early interaction, constantly referring to the latter as "bitch."
  • Loved Jessica's reaction to Bill nearly committing suicide. Don't you ever do that to me again. Perhaps the show can further explore the Maker/Makee relationship down the line.
  • Loved that whipped witch high-fiving Marnie.
  • Did not love Sam reacting with such violence and temper over Tommy's death. Seriously, that guy sucked.

What did everyone else think?

Soul of Fire Review

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